90 Day Fiancé: Are Corey and Evelin Still Together?

On the first season of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on TLC in 2019, Corey and Evelin made their television debut. After meeting while Corey was traveling around South America, the couple began a long-distance relationship in Evelin’s birthplace of Engabao, Ecuador.

Evelin had been living with Corey and his family in his hometown of Mil A, Washington when they were first presented to 90 Day Fiancé viewers. Evelin decided she wanted to return to Ecuador since she struggled to adapt to life in America. Corey agreed to leave everything behind in the United States and relocate abroad to be with her in order for their relationship to work.

Once in Ecuador, the pair argued over their future plans because Evelin didn’t want to get married while Corey was prepared to say “I do.” Evelin said “yes” when Corey proposed to her in a field during a romantic hot air balloon ride, despite their divergent beliefs on marriage. The first season finale included the couple’s engagement.

In 2022, Will Corey and Evelin Still Be Dating?

are corey and evelin still together

Corey and Evelin provide viewers with a relationship status report on the 90-Day Diaries episode airing on June 6. Corey and Evelin admit that despite all the difficulties they’ve had, they’re still together. After two months of travel and extensive couples counseling, Evelin tells the cameras, “We were able to reconnect and be on the same page about preserving our marriage.”

For this couple, life in Ecuador is amazing. Owners of a beachside bar, Corey and Evelin are currently opening a restaurant that will be run by Evelin’s sisters and relatives. Corey would soon have to depart the nation since he was unable to renew his residency status.

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Evelin Decides to Accompany Corey to America.

are corey and evelin still together

Corey is now in Ecuador on a tourist visa. He will have to go back to the US in five months. The 90 Day Fiancé actor revealed that before he can return to Ecuador, he must first spend six months in the US. View the Instagram video below:

To prevent their already strained relationship from being further strained by the distance, Corey requested Evelin to travel with him to Washington. I truly believe that if we have to stay apart for six months, it will lead to divorce, he says to the cameras.

Evelin will need to stay in the US for three years on a spousal visa, though, in that case, before she may return to Ecuador by plane. Evelin agrees to make the move for the sake of their marriage even though she wasn’t sure she could survive life on Corey’s family’s property in Washington.

Evelin struggled greatly the previous time she and Corey were on the compound. When they spend three years in the US, it will be interesting to see if they can survive or not.

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Are 90-Day Fiancé’s Evelin and Corey Still Alive in America?

are corey and evelin still together

If everything goes as planned, Evelin will be in the United States soon, she said in a July 2022 Instagram Q&A.

After being questioned by a fan about when she and Corey will be relocating to the United States, she replied, “My paperwork has been submitted.” I’m hoping it’s authorized so I can visit the [United States] and meet you all there.

It’ll be fascinating to see how it appears now and if or not people in Corey’s town approach me differently because I was there before the program, she continued.

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Corey and Evelin’s Secret Wedding


Corey stated on Instagram that he and Evelin were married and had kept it a secret for two years.

“I and Evelin got legally married on June 11th, 2019,” he said beside a picture of the two. Yes, we really did decide to carry it out in secret. It was a great private moment that just the two of us experienced. Only we and the two arbitrary witnesses we asked to participate; no cameras, no crew.

They “eventually agreed to educate our families, producers, and everyone,” he continued, in 2021.

The two got married in 2019 despite their romance going through numerous ups and downs. Evelin and Corey had broken, ended their relationship, then reconciled on the TLC program. On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way and 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? the two were featured.

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Corey indicates that they are still dating. Even though Evelin’s Instagram page is secret, she still operates a beach bar in Engabao.

According to his Instagram post, Corey is taking steps to become a citizen of Ecuador in September 2022. He continues to go out on dates with Evelin and also publicly professes his love on Instagram.