Are ‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Damian and Francesca Still Together Or Parted?

Damian Powers, a contentious cast member of Love Is Blind, is once again in the spotlight because of his relationship with Too Hot To Handle actress Francesca Farago on the popular new Netflix series Perfect Match. Read till end to know about the current relationship status of both.

Who Is Damian Powers?

Damian Powers is an American reality star, digital creator, and television personality who rose to fame after making an appearance on the first season of the Netflix original dating reality series “Love is Blind,” which debuted on February 13, 2020. Damian has prior managerial experience in the industrial sector.

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are damian and francesca still together

Who Is Francesca Forbes?

Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood is an American actress, socialite, and television personality who was born on August 7, 1993. She appeared in Mrs. Eastwood & Company, an E! reality show that featured her family. She is also well-known for her roles in the movies Old and Jersey Boys as well as the TV shows Heroes Reborn, Fargo, and Twin Peaks: The Return.

Clint Eastwood, an actor and director, and Frances Fisher, an actress, welcomed Eastwood into the world in Redding, California. She has five sisters (Kimber Tunis, Alison Eastwood, Kathryn Reeves, Laurie Murray, and Morgan) and two brothers (Kyle Eastwood and Scott Eastwood) through her father. Her mother is of Norwegian and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

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Damian And Gianna Relationship Status

Although she was known as a troublemaker, Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago became a full-on villain on Perfect Match. Her conniving ways and focus on winning were perceived only by Chase DeMoor, a fellow Too Hot To Handle alum. Damian is best known as a heartbreaker from Love Is Blind season 1, when he said “I do not” to Giannina, who was ready to tie the knot.

are damian and francesca still together

Although the couple didn’t marry that day, Damian and Giannina did reveal they were dating after the cameras stopped rolling. The couple stayed together through the Love Is Blind: After The Altar special, but eventually broke up in 2021. Francesca’s alleged involvement in this fraught breakup situation has been innocent at best and vindictive at worst.

The couple is parted now, even after the reunion they are not together. So, Damian and Giannina aren’t together.

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Recent Rumours About Them

When Francesca made an appearance on Love Is Blind: A Love Story, the rumours surrounding her and Damian reached a fever pitch. After Damian’s attempt to prove his loyalty to Giannina failed miserably in the episode of The Altar that aired in July 2021. Despite his ongoing relationship with Giannina, Damian asked Francesca to go on his ostensibly platonic date to the Love Is Blind reunion after they were seen having lunch together.

When Giannina confronted Francesca at the reunion, this strategy completely failed. Giannina asked Francesca if she was going as Damian’s friend or his date, and Francesca replied, “We’ll see how the night goes.” Damian and Giannina ended their relationship as a result of the reunion.