90-Day Fiancé: Are Darcey and Georgi Still Together?

Most 90-Day Fiancé fans got captivated when Darcey Silva got her own TLC show, Darcey & Stacey. After her spinoff’s August 2020 debut, viewers have been following her and her twin sister as they navigate their incredibly turbulent on-screen life.

Over the course of the past two seasons, Georgi Rusev, Darcey’s ex-fiancé, has also become known to the audience. Viewers observed in Season 2 as the 47-year-old began to doubt their erratic connection. Even though Darcey made it clear that she adored Georgi, the reality star also said that her partner had not been sincere with her or shown her the kind of commitment she desired.

At the conclusion of Season 2 while in Turkey, Darcy eventually broke up with him. However, because Darcey and Georgi are known for their on-again, off-again relationship, viewers weren’t too shocked when Darcey revealed to her family in Season 3 that Georgi had been texting her and wanted her to visit him in New York.

Because she didn’t want their relationship to end amicably, Darcy went to see him. Unsurprisingly, they reconciled, and in the season finale, Georgi popped the question to the television celebrity once more in front of her kids, Aspen and Aniko. Darcey agreed yes despite the disapproval of her family and friends for their relationship.

So, Darcey and Georgi remain a couple?

are darcey and georgi still together

Darcey stated to Entertainment Tonight in August 2020 that Georgi was distinct from her ex-boyfriends. “To be completely honest, I am currently extremely content with my life. He’s a lovely guy, and I have an open heart “At the time, she remarked. Darcey will sadly never find true happiness with Georgi after they canceled their second engagement.

In a recent interview with ET, Darcey said, “It was a decision that I made personally for myself, for my girls.” The statement was made in advance of the series The Twins Tell All. “I stood up because I thought the relationship wasn’t developing positively and that communication was still having problems.

I accept responsibility where it is due, but I simply felt that I needed to distance myself. My body then followed my intellect as it fled. I had enough of him.” During a sneak look at the episode provided by E!, Darcey’s father Mike is seen discussing the bond between her and Georgi.

When questioned if he’d be happier if his daughter wasn’t seeing Georgi, Mike responds that he doesn’t believe Georgi is the right match despite knowing his daughter is hoping for a relationship. He continues by saying that he doesn’t think Georgi and Darcey are actually in love.

Darcey acknowledges that she does not always believe that her fiance is “in love” with her, saying, “I feel like [Georgithere ]’s to get what he needs, desires, and wants.” She appeared to be still attempting to make things work while filming, despite everything.

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Darcey reveals that she and Georgi had broken up again.

are darcey and georgi still together

For the second time, Darcey and Georgi’s relationship is over. ET was informed by Darcey that Georgi and she had broken off their second engagement.

The Darcey & Stacey season 3 conclusion included Georgi making a second proposal to Darcey in front of her daughters, Aniko and Aspen, and Darcey eloquently accepting despite the disapproval of her family and friends. Darcey has already revealed to Melicia Johnson of ET that she and Georgi are no longer together.

She claims, “I made the choice personally for myself and for my girls.” “After we got engaged—which, mind you, happened in the summer—I decided to take a stance because I thought the relationship wasn’t going in the proper direction.

The tell-all, though, happened in the winter. Therefore, despite the passing of time, communication was still a problem, and many things were simply out of place. And I accept responsibility where it is due, but I simply felt like I needed to distance myself for my own sake. My body then followed my intellect as it fled. And I’ve had it with him.”

This time, Darcey claims that she feels as though she has put an end to any potential reconciliation with Georgi. She says, “I feel like it’s just going to keep happening if I keep doing that.” “I also want to keep a spot in my heart for the proper match. I’ll simply stand back up.”

She continues, “I just feel like I deserve much better.” “He was a lovely guy, and I wish him the same, but I just want to go on and heal.”

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Even so, Darcey is not sorry that he made a second proposal in Miami.

are darcey and georgi still together

I was astonished at that time, she admits. “We had discussed the possibility of picking up where we left off in previous talks. We simply needed more time with the kids to strengthen our family bonds and experience what it would be like. Miami was going nicely; my only worries were financial. I guess we just wanted it to be proper, genuine, and true since I know we love each other.”

Georgi clearly loves me, and the same is true here, she continues. “I was just, I guess, extremely startled at that point, and I was glad because I wanted my girls to know that I was happy and that they should be, too. Because my daughters are also affected, not just me.

We were living in the moment because it had been a hard day, which is why he became emotional. Therefore, it was a lovely moment, and I’m delighted the girls shared it.

Darcey reiterates that, despite her ongoing concerns about Georgi’s financial situation, that was not the cause of their breakup.

are darcey and georgi still together

“I mean, clearly, money plays a part in relationships and other things all the time. Georgi is aware of my particular taste and fashion sense. He is aware of the enormous diamonds and other jewelry I frequently wear.

I was pleasantly pleased when he handed me my engagement ring, but I wasn’t attempting to consider the cost at the time. I believe in a sense, where there is a will, there is a way.

But the large engagement diamond was “wonderful, it was a nice gesture, definitely my style and taste,” she adds. And talking about money in a relationship can be difficult. But since it’s such a major matter and I don’t want to be saddled with debt and the like, it must be brought up at some point if the relationship is to progress. But I have the impression that he was simply enjoying the situation and knew exactly how I liked to dress.

Stacey claims that all she wants is what is best for her twin.

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Final Words

Georgi Russev and Darcey Silva of Darcey & Stacey have broken up once more, the Darcey & Stacey star says. After two engagements, Darcey told her admirers that the couple was over just as they were set to get married. In the episode, Darcey cried a lot as he re-proposed to her, but her father, Mike, saw trouble. Even worse, he declined to attend her wedding and warned her that she was making a grave error.