Unveiling the Relationship Status of Dom and Georgia: Are They Still Together?

For lovers of Netflix’s previous dating programs, such as Too Hot To Handle and Love is Blind, the brand-new series Perfect Match was the ideal binge-watch. The Perfect Match ensemble was assembled for the program by some of the greatest names from past reality television (opens in new tab). The candidates were required to find their “ideal mate” while lodging in a stunning luxury property, which left viewers wondering where the show’s scenes were shot (opens in new tab).

Fans of the reality dating program are curious to see how long each pair survived outside of the show now that all the episodes have aired. Others want to know if the winning pair, Georgia and Dom, are still together, just as many have asked if Joey and Kariselle (opens in new tab) and Nick and LC (opens in new tab) are still together.

Are Dom and Georgia Still Together?

are dom and georgia still together

No, Dom and Georgia are not still dating. While he is from Canada and Georgia is from Australia, Dom indicated in an interview with TODAY(opens in new tab) that their choice to part ways after the program was influenced by their long-distance relationship.

“Let’s see where the future leads us. Let’s kind of do our thing on our own,” he said. “If the future has something else in the store, if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be.” Where are they now? was published by Netflix after the last Too Hot To Handle episodes were shown.

“We were at different stages of the relationship, and he’s such an incredible guy the last thing I wanted was for it to be a terrible conclusion to something so lovely,” Georgia stated in the video (opens in new tab) transcript.

In contrast, Dom didn’t appear to have happy memories of their interactions, claiming in his interview that “after the program, we finished before we even had the opportunity to claim our award.” Said he, “The podcast was released with the headline “Georgia and Harry Jowsey fall in love,” and she had to go record it while we were still together and still chatting.

Where Are Dom and Georgia Now?

are dom and georgia still together

Following a social media spat, it appears that Dom and Georgia are no longer as fond of each other as they once were. Dom and Georgia appeared to conclude their relationship peacefully not long after appearing on Perfect Match.

Dom claimed in the “Where are they now?” video that Georgia’s podcast with Harry Jowsey “blindsided” him. Georgia responded to Dom’s claims in an Instagram story post. She wrote: “This is for you Dom because you prefer online communication over in-person interactions. You seem so “unconcerned,” yet you never said to me that you didn’t like the name of a podcast that I had nothing to do with making.

“I actually returned to our hotel before you did after the podcast; you cleverly left out that you were at a diner with Ines that night.

Didn’t tell you two were in contact constantly after the show either? And are dating now.”

are dom and georgia still together

Since then, the two have exchanged numerous texts back and forth. Dom responded by posting screenshots of texts that he claimed was sent by Georgia with the caption, “Why would I speak to you about having issues afterward when I asked how the podcast was right after? But you failed to mention you literally mention me on the podcast and I didn’t find out until after.”

In reaction to Georgia’s assertion that he is dating Ines, he noted that his dinner with Ines included another Perfect Match cast member Zay Wilson and the show’s producers and declared himself to be “very f**king single.” Georgia has dated Harry Jowsey since she appeared on Perfect Match; he was previously dating Francesca Farago, another Perfect Match candidate.

In April 2022, the couple revealed their romance on TikTok(opens in new tab), and Georgia was said to have moved in with Harry in Los Angeles. for a short time. That didn’t last, though, as the pair broke up later that year.