Are Drew And Enya Dating? Know About Youtubers’ Personal And Dating Life

Drew And Enya, Are they dating

Are Drew And Enya Dating?

Who’s Drew Philips?

Drew Phillips is an an American YouTuber who posts a variety of humorous clips on his channel. In the beginning, he gained almost 550,000 followers on Vine.

It’s impossible to describe Phillips’ sense of humor in words, but it’s evident in the wacky videos he posts on YouTube. His videos are a hoot to watch because of his usage of bizarre face effects and props like fake skeletons.

With his great sense of humor, he’s amassed a sizable fan base across multiple social media sites. In addition to YouTube, he has a large following on Twitter and Instagram, as well.

Phillips is a creative individual who comes up with outlandish themes for his videos despite his down-to-earth demeanor. He’s a young man who values his family, and he frequently uploads pictures of his mother and sister on Instagram.

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Drew Philips’s Love Life and Personal Relationships

Drew Phillips - Bio, Facts, Family Life of YouTuber

On March 4, 1998, Drew Phillips was born in Texas, USA. Madeline is his sister’s name. She has appeared in a number of Phillips’ videos on YouTube.

His mother and sister have both appeared in a number of his Instagram pictures. He hasn’t said anything about whether or not he’s dating somebody right now.

Who’s Enya Umanzor?

Enya Umanzor - Bio, Facts, Family Life of YouTuber

Enya Umanzor is a YouTuber from the United States. She is well known for her YouTube channel, Enya Umanzor, which focuses on beauty, fashion, and makeup.

Occasionally, she’ll post one of her own personal vlogs. It wasn’t until 2014 that Umanzor contemplated making the switch from Vine to YouTube.

When she first started using the network, she posted a number of beauty and fashion tutorials. Umanzor, a bright and outgoing young woman from Miami, Florida, was born there.

The young fashionista, who is now enjoying her YouTube career, enjoys interacting with people from all over the globe. She is a firm believer in social media’s influence and the power it has over the lives of its users.

In her heart, she is a family-oriented girl who is very close to her parents and younger siblings. Aside from travelling and shopping, she enjoys spending time with her close friends and family.

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Enya Umanzor’s Dating and Personal Life

twitter//@lilspookymami | Enya umanzor, Cute romance, Kids in love

Umanzor, Enya was born in Miami, Florida on January 22 of 1999. Sophia is her older sister and Dontae is her younger brother.

Roy Blair, a singer, is currently her boyfriend. They started dating in 2017 and have worked together on several of Umanzor’s videos since then.

The beauty guru’s parents have not been revealed. Umanzor, on the other hand, hasn’t revealed anything about her college or university experience.

In addition to YouTube, she has a large following on Instagram and YouNow, where she has amassed tens of thousands of followers.

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