Are Elys and Alex Still Dating? The relationship Unveiled

When Too Hot to Handle Season 5 aired, viewers were captivated by the whirlwind romance between Alex Snell from London and Elys Hutchinson from Lausanne, Switzerland.

The on-screen chemistry between the two original contestants was undeniable, leaving fans wondering if their love story had a happily ever after beyond the show’s finale.

In this article, we delve into the relationship journey of Alex and Elys, from their dramatic start on the show to their status as a couple after the cameras stopped rolling.

Are Elys and Alex Still Dating?

In a July 2023 interview with Elite Daily, Elys confirmed that she and Alex are no longer together following the conclusion of Too Hot to Handle Season 5.

Alex and Elys on Too Hot to Handle

Are Elys and Alex Still Dating?

At the beginning of the reality dating show, Alex was instantly drawn to Elys. However, fate had other plans, as Elys initially coupled up with Hunter, leaving Alex to pair up with Megan.

The love triangle added drama and tension to the villa, making viewers eagerly anticipate who Elys would choose in the end.

The Journey of Ales and Elys to Become a Couple

As the show progressed, Elys realized her connection with Alex was stronger than her bond with Hunter. She bravely broke up with Hunter and chose Alex as her partner.

Their relationship blossomed throughout Too Hot to Handle Season 5, culminating in a heartwarming moment in the finale when Elys asked Alex to be her boyfriend, and he happily accepted.

Post-Show Romance and Breakup

Are Elys and Alex Still Dating?

After the cameras stopped rolling, Elys and Alex took their romance into the real world. For nearly six months, they dated despite the long-distance challenge posed by living in different continents—Alex in London, England, and Elys in Los Angeles, California.

However, their geographical separation eventually took a toll on their relationship, leading them to make the difficult decision to part ways amicably.

Staying Friends and Focusing on Individual Journeys

Despite their breakup, Elys and Alex remained on great terms. Both of them still follow each other on Instagram, which indicates a friendly relationship.

Elys shared in an interview that she values the friendships she formed with the entire cast, including Alex, as they experienced a unique journey together.

As for her personal focus, Elys revealed that she is prioritizing her career in Los Angeles and is content being single, although she remains open to meeting new people and going on dates.

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The relationship between Elys and Alex may have ignited in the Too Hot to Handle villa, captivating audiences worldwide, but the challenges of long-distance eventually led them to part ways as a couple.

Their romance, filled with passion and humor, was a memorable part of the show, and fans will always cherish the time they spent together on screen.

While they may no longer be dating, Elys and Alex continue to be friends, cherishing the connections they made during their journey on Too Hot to Handle Season 5.

As Elys focuses on her career in Los Angeles and Alex resides in London, they remain a testament to the complexities of navigating love beyond reality TV.