Emma Hernan, from Selling Sunset, Is She Still Dating Micah Mc Donald?

In the fifth season of Selling Sunset, Emma Hernan opened up about her love life. She even let the cameras inside her first date with real estate developer Micah McDonald after he asked her out in front of the camera.

In addition, the real estate agent admitted to Chrishell Stause that Ben Affleck had sent her a direct message before he and J.Lo got back together, but that’s a whole different tale.

The businessman invited her out after seeing the property Micah was working on in Los Angeles and gave her a unique taste of his new restaurant’s menu, replete with empanadas made under her own brand. But are they still dating now, and did they end up together?

Here’s what Emma said about their relationship, and it seems promising.

Is Micah McDonald still Emma Hernan’s boyfriend?

are emma and micah still together

Eight months after series five was filmed, Emma and Micah are still together, therefore we view it as an indication that their relationship is on the upswing. Although nothing is yet formal, the 30-year-old realtor claimed in an interview that they are still seeing each other.

She told Entertainment Tonight that they had become closer. But that’s basically where it is. We’ll see, then. Maybe a label or ring will appear in season 6. No one knows.

When Emma accepted a listing he was producing, they hit it off right away. She later said in a confessional that she “usually carefully adheres to professionalism,” but that things were “a little bit different” with Micah.

We only had one or two meetings, and I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh. We genuinely have a lot in common, and he’s not just gorgeous, successful, and confident. She gushed, “I mean, really, he’s just checking all the dang boxes.

Emma did, however, tell ET that since she normally divides her time between LA and Boston and he is stationed in Texas, it would be “great to have someone in the same state.”

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Micah Mc Donald: Who Is He?

are emma and micah still together

On season five of Selling Sunset, Micah McDonald debuts as a real estate developer. Despite the fact that he calls himself an “Entrepreneur, President & CEO, and Hybrid Athlete” on Instagram. He is also the proprietor of Sagrado Mezcaleria + Kitchen in Los Angeles.

Micah frequently posts pictures of himself working out at the gym, thus it appears that he is interested in his health and fitness. He also supports the Houston Rockets, a basketball team. He frequently attends their games, as evidenced by social media posts.

On social media, the developer recently disclosed that he had purchased the multimillion-dollar home from the program in 2016 and has been remodeling it ever since. And the work was completed in five years. But it’s finished now.

He shared pictures of the finished house on Instagram and commented, “She came out better than expected,” opening in a new tab.

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His mezcal endeavors included the January 2022 opening of Sagrado Mezcaleria + Kitchen(opens in new tab). The restaurant promotes the “spirit of Mezcal,” according to the website.

According to a statement, “We educate our consumers about the ancient Mezcal producing procedures kept secret for generations within the Mezcal families of the Oaxaca region.” The “largest extensive Mezcal list around” is another brag.

Fans of Selling Sunset will be happy to learn that they can try the same beverage Emma had on the couple’s exclusive tasting date. Its ingredients include Besosagrado Mezcal, Crème de Violette, Luxardo Liqueur, and Lime Juice, and it is known as the Sacred Kiss.

What Transpired Between Ben Affleck and Emma Hernan?

are emma and micah still together

Emma reveals to Chrishell in episode 5 of the most recent season of Selling Sunset that Hollywood actor Ben Affleck asked her out on a date using the dating app Raya. Chrishell discovered the information when looking into Emma’s romantic history.

She said to her co-star while seeing a house, “He might have been texting me. He may or may not have made several requests to get coffee. Ben Affleck’s representatives quickly refuted this, saying it was not the case. A statement stated, “Raya has acknowledged that he has not been an active member for a number of years.

Later, Emma explained to E’s Daily Pop that the text exchange had actually happened years earlier.

It was old news. It was 2019. Literally, the tiniest, most innocent thing was taken, blown out of proportion, and magnified. So, she said, that was a thing. “I believe that on the show, you didn’t see the time frame, and it just felt worse, even if it was so minor,” the author said.

Page Six claims that this 2019 exchange may have occurred because they claimed in October 2019 that Affleck was looking for love in Raya. Given that Ben Affleck is now engaged to Jennifer Lopez, it is believed that both sides wished to put the event behind them.

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Long-Distance Dating:

Long distance may still prevent these two from becoming legally married, Emma suggested. While Micah spends most of his time in Texas, Emma divides her time between Boston and Los Angeles. Therefore, it cannot be said that they are neighbors.

Since I’ve been dating long-distance for so long, she told ET, “I’d like to have a relationship where they’re at least in the same state.”

” She did, however, add that since their steamy hot tub date in the season finale, things had “progressed” between the two.

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Final Words 

Late in April, Emma Hernan said she and Micah were still seeing each other and had “grown closer” as a result of the show, but they were not a couple.