Too Hot to Handle: Are Francesca and Harry Still Together?

Too Hot To Handle follows a group of very attractive singletons as they hunt for love, and 2020 season one participants Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey were definitely the most recognizable stars of the Netflix show when it first premiered.

They eventually got it back and added it to the prize fund after costing their co-stars thousands of dollars for disobeying Lana’s rules of no sexual contact.

Is Francesca Farago Still Dating Harry Jowsey?

are francesca and harry still together

After giving supporters optimism that they will rejoin last year, it appears Harry and Francesca are no longer together; their last photo together was posted by Harry in May 2021.

However, in December, Harry shared multiple TikTok videos of himself and, presumably, a new partner after they traveled to Dubai for a post-Christmas vacation. “A journey I’ll never forget,” he captioned one of the trip’s Instagram posts.

Meanwhile, Francesca has posted a few TikToks about reconciling with an ex, including one about reconciling ‘for the third time.’ She also shared a perplexing video with the caption, “Me being happy and keeping my relationships private,” before adding, “The urge to remark on all their social media.”

Their last shot together was when Harry celebrated his 24th birthday in May 2021, just days before the series’ two THTH candidates were released, so they may have reunited for a short time last year. Since his birthday in May 2020, she hasn’t posted any images of him.

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Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey Dated for How Long?

are francesca and harry still together

Harry and Francesca met during the filming of Too Hot to Handle, which took place between March and April 2019. Francesca explained how Harry came to stay with her in her hometown of Vancouver two weeks after the show concluded in an emotional video compilation she released on Instagram shortly after the episode aired.

She then went to see Australian-born Harry in Queensland, which she documented on her Instagram page. However, they were no longer visible on social media for months after their breakup, which they both eventually confirmed.

According to co-star Chloe Veitch, Harry apparently dated someone else during their divorce, with the Essex star alleging ‘it was on Instagram.’

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Why Did Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey Split?

are francesca and harry still together

In an interview with Aussie radio station KIIS’ Will & Woody in 2020, Harry said the reason why he and Francesca initially called time on their relationship was that he wasn’t mature enough. The 24-year-old explained they were separated for several months, with a FaceTime call bringing them back together.

He said: “We had a bit of a break in between because I’m immature. We had a hiatus for a few months but now we’re back on. “I decided to text her. I was absolutely off my face and I was like ‘hey, I want to FaceTime your dog and I don’t want you to be there.

“So I FaceTimed her dog, but she was there.” It seems the couple remained friendly after their split.

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Final Words

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago found love on season 1, breaking lots of rules in the process. Following the show, the pair dated on/off, however, they eventually called it quits for good in May 2021