Untangling the Mystery: The Truth About Gabe and Isabel’s Relationship Status!

When ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ introduced US Native Gabriel “Gabe” Paboga and his Colombian girlfriend Isabel Posada, viewers believed they made a perfect couple. When the former came out as transgender, Isabel was prepared to accept him for who he was. Even her kids seemed to like her boyfriend.

However, issues arose once Gabriel moved to Colombia, and with time he realized that they still had a long way to go to settle their differences. Further complicating matters, the US citizen was concerned about Isabel’s family and whether or not they would accept Isabel as their daughter had. Well, with fans now eager to learn more, let’s find out if Gabriel and Isabel are still together, shall we?

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Gabriel and Isabel Still Together?

are gabe and isabel still together

Gabriel and Isabel’s relationship status will be revealed on the show, but it’s a good sign that they follow each other on Instagram. Isabel hasn’t explicitly stated that she is still seeing Gabriel, but she has made some clues that they are still together.

One reader commented in the comments section of a post from February 2023, “You and Gabe look beautiful together, so handsome!” Isabel just sent a “Thank you” and a flower emoji in response. She just “liked” a remark wishing that she and Gabe were still together in another post that month.


On Instagram, where he publishes pictures of himself and brand-related content, Gabriel has more than 22.9K followers. This includes the information Isabel said regarding Gabriel’s transformational experience. Gabriel and Isabel had been dating for a year when Gabriel left for Colombia.

He spent a lot of time visiting Isabel and staying with her at a property he rented. Isabel, meanwhile, has not shown even once on Gabriel’s Instagram. There is no evidence on his feed that he is dating anyone or even that Isabel is a part of his life. The sole indication of his relationship with Isabel is seen in a clip of The Other Way that Gabriel released in January to advertise the program.

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Are 90-Day Fiancé Gabriel & Isabel Scared of Revealing Status?

are gabe and isabel still together

During a chat with her adolescent daughter Sara, Isabel acknowledged that her son Miguel, although extremely close to Gabriel, was unaware of Gabriel’s gender identity. In addition, Isabel was concerned that her “close-minded, old-fashioned” father would “become upset” if he found out. Isabel’s greatest concern was that her parents wouldn’t accept them as a couple after learning that Gabriel was transgender.

Isabel is concerned that her connection may cause her to drift away from Gabriel or his family. Isabel stated about her father, who has “religious ideals strongly embedded in him,” “He may claim that we are sinners.” On the plus side, though, Isabel thought her mother was more approachable and receptive to “certain things.” It’s probable that once they learned the truth, Isabel’s parents turned against her and Gabriel as a couple and requested them to break up.

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Are Gabriel & Isabel Simply Avoiding Giving 90-Day Fiancé Spoilers?

Isabel and Gabriel could be dating, but they’re keeping it from Isabel’s parents by not posting on each other’s social media. Also, Gabriel’s failure to mention his girlfriend Isabel on Instagram contributes to the suspense surrounding their romantic situation.

He might want to hold off on discussing Isabel at this time in order to prevent giving away his plot. If Gabriel wants to discuss his future with Isabel, he might want to let the 90-Day Fiancé episodes speak for themselves. It’s very feasible that Gabriel will wait until the conclusion of the program for any Instagram photos he made with Isabel to be published on Tell-All.