Are Jarrod and Brandi Still Together? What Happened to Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante’s Relationship?

Fans are curious as to what happened to the once-powerful couple Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante of Storage Wars, who recently ended their marriage. Given that marriages in the United States have just a 50/50 probability of staying, the odds of a relationship weathering the strains of reality show fame must be quite low. Fans were startled to learn that one of reality television’s most popular married couples had separated.

Brandi and Jarrod were never formally married, which is ironic. Although they had children together, ran a business together, and considered themselves to be life partners, they never exchanged wedding vows.

Currently, Brandi is a single reality star and the primary carer for her children. Despite the fact that both children are now adolescents, neither parent’s social media accounts contain numerous references to them. Instead, the family has resolved to keep their children’s private affairs private.

What Transpired Between Storage Wars’ Jarrod and Brandi?

are jarrod and brandi still together

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante shocked fans when they announced their 2018 separation on the season 13 premiere of Storage Wars. According to Brandi, the couple ended their relationship after filming season 12 despite having been together for nearly two decades.

It is unknown why they broke up. In February 2021, Brandi discussed her newfound romantic life on the YouTube channel Spirit Talk, stating that she is “just going with the flow.” Brandi stated, “I was not permitted to have an identity for a very long time. Consequently, over the past few years, I’ve been growing into my own and discovering who I am.

“I simply have no emotional ties to anyone. I have dated and done similar things, however… I’m not actively seeking a relationship at the moment. “I’m awaiting the ability to form a relationship with someone.”

Despite their separation, the couple continued to work together on season 13, and in one episode, Jarrod commented, “Just because Brandi and I are no longer together doesn’t mean we can’t attend an auction – but separately.”

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Has Jarrod Been Detained?

are jarrod and brandi still together

Jarrod was arrested after allegedly engaging Brandi in an altercation in a California bar. According to TMZ, Brandi requested Jarrod to leave, but he refused, resulting in a heated exchange.

According to the news source, Jarrod twice pushed Brandi while ranting at her and her companions. He apparently fled the bar before police arrived, but was eventually apprehended by law enforcement. Since then, Jarrod has been charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

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Are Jarrod and Brandi Parents?

Jarrod and Brandi have two children, a daughter named Payton and a son named Cameron. She frequently posts photos of her children on social media, but stated in a post that she no longer does so because “creepy a** people were bothering them.”

In 2020, she discussed being a single mother on The Dad Diary and stated, “I accomplished a lot of things on my own anyhow, but we’re losing the terrifying dad voice in the background. “I am constantly surrounded by them; they are here with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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It appears that Jarrod Schulz Has Found a New Partner; What About Brandi Passante?

On June 11, 2020, she posted a photo of herself with an unknown man to Instagram. She has not provided any other information since then. Meanwhile, Jarrod began seeing Rochelle Beckman some time ago.

They traveled to the Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa in Lake Arrowhead, California, as he shared on Instagram in June 2021, which may imply that things are about to get serious. Since then, he has not provided any other information regarding his relationship with Rochel.