’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Jenny and Sumit- Are They Still Together?

You all must be familiar with the famous show ‘90-Day Fiancé which is a TLC franchise! It is the famous American reality TV Show which revolves around the lives of several non-American women who are given a visa to meet their fiances but only for a short period of time. They have to decide their fate, whether they want to get married or ready to move on and return home! 

Who Are Jenny And Sumit From The Show?

Jenny Slatten is a 63-year-old participant of the show. She falls for Sumit Singh, a 33-year-old Indian man from the show. In the show’s first season, Jenny first met Sumit on 90 Day Fiance. Sumit was seen sending a friend request to Jenny from a fake social media account that he created.

The two instantly hit it off and started chatting frequently. When his feelings for Jenny started getting stronger day by day, Sumit told Jenny about how he had been catfishing her.

are jenny and sumit still together

When Jenny asked him for the reason, he said that he thought Jenny would not accept him for who he was and he got scared. Jenny understood his feelings and in spite of the deception, Jenny and Sumit were seen video chatting and Jenny came to good terms with Sumit.
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In order to be with Sumit, she was prepared to leave her life in Palm Springs and relocate to India.

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How Did The Differences Begin?

Rumors about the couple’s breakup started spreading like wildfire when Jenny came back home to America without Sumit. Sumit is a man who is very close to his family and couldn’t marry Jenny against his family’s wish. His family was strictly against their marriage given the couple’s 30 year age gap. Fans are aware that Sumit previously wed a mysterious woman behind Jenny’s back when she was still in the United States. 

are jenny and sumit still together

The couple ultimately got married in the year 2021 after dating for 10 years and hoped for a happy ending to their love story. But, not always is life in your favor.
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Jenny’s life was not easy in India when she moved there to be with Sumit  after their wedding. 

are jenny and sumit still together

Jenny made serious efforts to win over Sumit’s mother Sadhna. In return, Jenny was only met with rudeness in return from Sadhna, who made fun of Jenny’s looks and hygiene. Marriage did not improve or remove all of Jenny’s problems, but they actually worsened over time. Their large 30 year gap also added fuel to the flame as the couple were finding it difficult to manage their lifestyle and job. Things started going downtown when Jenny was photographed in America without her husband and looked rather unhappy.

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So, Are They Still Together?

Yes, Jenny and Sumit are still together! Despite all the barriers to their relationship, the two have managed to stick to each other and be by each other.

Despite of Jenny feeling lonely in India and Sumit’s hesitations to settle down in America. The two are managing their lives and finding peace and happiness with each other.