Are Joey and Kariselle Still Together? The Engaged Couple from The Perfect Match

Perfect Match, Netflix’s newest dating reality programme, has kept us hooked to our screens since it launched on Valentine’s Day. Yet one issue remains unanswered: Are Joey and Kariselle still together after *that* dramatic finale?

We knew there would be drama because candidates had already appeared on Too Hot to Handle, The Ultimatum, and Love Is Blind. We’re especially interested in one Perfect Match pair, Joey Sasso from The Circle and Kariselle Snow from Sexy Beasts and MTV’s Are You The One? because they really dated before entering the programme.

Perfect Match was initially taped approximately a year before it aired, leaving us to question how many of the couples on the show are still together now. And, more importantly, do Joey and Kariselle have a relationship?

Are Joey and Kariselle from Perfect Match still together?

are joey and kariselle still together

Despite having previously dated, with Kariselle appearing on Joey’s Instagram in 2021, they entered the Perfect Match villa as singletons.

Kariselle DM’d Joey in 2020 after watching him on The Circle, it was revealed in the first episode. She then travelled to Los Angeles to meet up, but Joey said he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship at the moment.

Joey and Kariselle reconciled after not communicating for a few months, but they eventually split up, with Kariselle explaining that the “commitment thing” was too much for him.


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Kariselle was then discovered on Joey’s Instagram in July 2021, and a photo of the couple kissing can also be found in his 2021 yearly summary film. Now, given that Perfect Match began filming in early 2022, what has happened since then?

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So What Happened in The Perfect Match Episode?

are joey and kariselle still together

*Spoilers* On the first episode of Perfect Match, the couple discussed their history, with Kariselle first hesitant to give Joey another opportunity. But she also questioned whether the fact that they were reunited on the programme was fate. Joey consented to be his match after admitting that he still loved her, and the two have been together from the very first episode – despite Kariselle receiving a kiss from Chase – with them continuing to select each other at the conclusion of each episode.

In the second set of episodes, Joey asks Kariselle to be not only his match in the house but also his girlfriend, which she gladly accepts. Then, in the final two episodes of Perfect Match, Joey proposes to Kariselle, and they marry in the finale.

Indeed, these two were and still are fiancé and fiancée!

We stay hopeful even though we haven’t seen much – or any – indication that the duo are still together on social media. This might be because they were told to keep everything off their feeds until after the season finale aired. Yet, we can see that Joey now follows Kariselle on Instagram. Because Kariselle’s Instagram is now set to private, it’s difficult to discern if the following is reciprocal.

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Isn’t it true that being casually engaged entails something? Do you want them to be together as well?

Perfect Match is now available on Netflix.