Are Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Really Dating? All You Should Know About Their Relationship!

Dating rumors concerning Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye have been persistent throughout their acquaintance.

Unlike Antoni, who is rumored to be single, Jonathan is happily married to fellow pottery lover Mark London. All speculations have been dispelled in the past, generally by the pair themselves, and we’ve just assumed they’re good friends.

It wasn’t until a new photo was released online with enigmatic remarks from Antoni and Jonathan that their budding romance seemed to be verified, or was it? Is it true that Antoni and Jonathan are an item now?

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Are Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Dating in 2022?

Are Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Really Dating

Both Queer Eye for the Straight Guy performers appeared to confirm their relationship on social media on September 14, 2022. “Antoni Porowski wrote,” “We joked about getting together for years, and now here we are. Let’s raise a glass to give it a go.”

In the meantime, Jonathan wrote: “We’ve managed to reunite. We’ll fill you in on the specifics tomorrow, but for now, just know that our joy and sense of community are at an all-time high.”

Even if the posts are well-written and precise, their timing of them raises questions. Could the whole thing be a joke they’re playing on each other? Or perhaps it’s alluding to some sort of corporate collaboration. On September 15th, look out for their announcements!

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Rumors of Their Relationship Status Have Circulated for Years

Are Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Really Dating

Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni have done this before to fans, so they know they’re a hot item.

On July 4th of 2019, they were photographed locking lips, which sent shockwaves across the Queer Eye audience. “If this is really happening, I’m going to cry.

To put it simply, this is the medicine my soul has been craving ever since Episode 1 “one supporter exclaimed furiously in the discussion.

Someone else cried, “Don’t let this be a joke, Antoni, I swear!” The following day, though, Jonathan Van Ness appeared to put to rest speculation as to whether or not the two were dating.

The self-proclaimed figure skating prodigy posted to Instagram on July 5 of that year, claiming, “It was all Antoni’s idea, but maybe someday we will fall in love,” adding the emoji of a rainbow flag and the hashtag “notacouplebutitwasfunright.”

Are Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Really Dating?

As a result, we surmised that the celebrities had just gotten carried away in an emotional moment of patriotic fervor ahead of the premiere of the new season of Queer Eye. We could have let it go there, but on July 18 Jonathan chose to double down.

Another snapshot of the food and wine expert and himself was titled “Baes Between Takes.” “Y’all betta stop giving folks heart attacks out here,” one fan, who represents all of us, remarked. You two are certainly lousy kissers, as noted by fashion expert Tan France, who chimed in to express an opinion that we also share.

Another Instagram user commented, “Stop trolling us like this,” apparently unaware that the Queer Eye gang was delivering exactly what their followers had been asking for. “I need you to stop breaking my heart, OK?” someone else chimed in.

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Who Have They Dated in The Past?

Are Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Really Dating?

Both of the Queer Eye stars have, in the past, dealt with their fair share of relationship problems. A relationship between Antoni and Trace Lehnhoff was previously reported, but as Elle noted, the two have not been seen together in public since April of this year.

Wilco Froneman and ex-girlfriend Jonathan Van Ness broke up in 2018, and it appears that he has already moved on.

It would be quite a story if the two of them have finally started dating after all this time.

However, it appears that in recent years these close friends have been genuinely experiencing themselves and each other, and they wanted to share a few genuine moments of their affection with the world through these posts.

What their September 15th announcement will entail is anyone’s guess.

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