90 Day Fiancé: Are Josh and Natalie Still Together?

They are still together. Natalie Mordovtseva and their boyfriend Josh Weinstein are still “seeing each other,” according to Josh’s ex-wife Candice Mishler, despite claims that Natalie has reconciled with estranged husband Mike Youngquist.

“I know they’re still communicating very frequently,” she says of Josh and Natalie’s relationship. Natalie, 37, and Mike, 36, prompted suspicions that they would reconcile on the season 3 finale of 90 Day: The Single Life on Sunday, November 21.

Natalie drove to their former marital home in Sequim, Washington, to see her ex-husband for the first time in a year. She paid him a visit after Mike contacted her about assisting her mother in fleeing Ukraine following Russia’s incursion in February.

Josh Weinstein, Natalie Mordovtseva’s New Boyfriend

are josh and natalie still together

Natalie moved to Florida to pursue her modeling goals after her divorce from Mike Youngquist. In contrast to her ex, whom she referred to as a “momma’s boy,” she compared Josh to a “wild animal eager to jump.”

Natalie discovered the Arizona native had two children by two separate women on their first date in season 2. “It’s not usual in my nation,” she explained in a series episode aired in May 2022. “But I’m so taken with him.” I just can’t seem to stay away.
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Natalie, on the other hand, considers herself “quite jealous,” and Josh’s area of work frequently places him in the company of attractive women.

“I am concerned about Josh working in the modeling profession,” the TLC star admitted to the cameras during the season 3 premiere. “He’s surrounded by many gorgeous women, some of them are more attractive than me.”

Natalie had babies on the brain after “wasting” four years with her estranged husband, and she questioned if she’d find the dedication she sought in the father of two. “I know exactly what I want out of life,” she said in a September 2022 episode. “Marry and have a child.”

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What Happened in ’90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 3?

are josh and natalie still together

Natalie was searching for a long-term relationship after flying to Los Angeles to spend time with Josh, but he abruptly departed her hotel room after sleeping together. “I was in his arms at the time, and I forgot my name, you know?

” she admitted in a solo interview. “However, it’s not how I expected it to be.”

“I wished he would stay with me. “Kiss me, touch me, and share tenderness with me,” the 90-Day Fiancé alum continued. “But he said, ‘I need to go.'” He practically stood up and fled.”

While she described his confusing signals as a “regular situation,” Josh encouraged her by inviting her out with his buddies later that day.

The new couple wasn’t on the same page after another overnight encounter. Natalie was not pleased with Josh’s sudden departure after a night under the covers because his job demanded it.

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are josh and natalie still together

“Josh, I come here, you sleep with me, and then you say ‘Bye.'” “All right, go,” she said during an October episode. “I’m in another nation.” I’m not working. I’m still happily married. I f—king do this nonsense for you. And you f—king have no time for me.”

Meanwhile, Josh disagreed with Natalie’s domineering manner, claiming she desired someone who would “run after her.”

“She was aware going into this week… Whatever happened, this was my time, and I needed to get to work,” he told producers. “Imagine how my kids feel when I have to go to work all the time; they understand, and they’re only five years old.”

Natalie eventually concluded that Josh had “used her.” “Sex is serious for me,” she continued to producers. “I consider him the father of my children if I sleep with him.”

Despite their heated argument at the end of their California vacation, Josh called Natalie and offered to visit him in Arizona two weeks later. Josh appeared eager to take things to the next level after introducing Natalie to his son and ex-wife, Candice Mishler, after their emotional reunion at the airport.

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Natalie and Josh from ’90 Day: The Single Life’ Are They Still Together?

are josh and natalie still together

Natalie was at a crossroads in her relationship with Josh after her vacation to Arizona since they weren’t on the same page when it comes to starting a family together.

However, during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Natalie’s estranged husband touched her heart by assisting her mother in fleeing the nation. During the season finale, Natalie visited the Sequim, Washington native’s house, and the former lovers appeared to be on the verge of reconciling.

Natalie appeared to confirm the couple’s breakup in a response to the Modeling Agency CEO’s post on October 26. The father of two posted video footage of Natalie and his Arizona saying their goodbyes on Instagram, labeling it, “Is this the end???


“Perfect farewell, genuine me!” Natalie commented in the section below. “There is no drama. “Despite Mike and Natalie’s touching reunion, Josh’s ex-wife said Josh and Natalie were still “seeing each other” in November 2022. “I know they’re still chatting very frequently,” Candice said of Josh and Natalie’s relationship.
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The cast of 90 Day Fiancé Natalie Mordovtseva and boyfriend Josh Weinstein are still “seeing each other,” according to Josh’s ex-wife Candice Mishler, despite claims that Natalie has reconciled with estranged husband Mike Youngquist.