Are Karen And Miles From ‘Married At First Site’ Still Together Or Divorced?

Married At First Sight is a reality dating programme where contestants submit applications to have professionals match them with their ideal partner.

Then, without ever having met, the couples are married.
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However, if they later determine that they are not a good fit, they can choose to divorce. Miles and Karen are two people whose popularity increased as a result of the show. So, did Married at First Sight’s Miles and Karen end their marriage?

Who Is Karen And Miles From ‘Married At First Site’?

Some of the Married at First Sight cast members include Miles and Karen. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, Miles was raised. He has always had a strong interest for teaching and working with children and young adults.

He had the ideal opportunity to connect with someone he would not otherwise run into thanks to the show. He had immense faith in the process and had complete faith in it. Karen Landry, on the other hand, grew raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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She has been employed in human resources in New Orleans ever since she graduated from college.

are karen and miles still together

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She had been divorced for five years before to the show. Like Miles, she had faith that the consultants would guide her towards the ideal mate.

Did They Take Divorce?

Instead, based on their social media signals, the New Orleans pair was widely believed to have split up. Despite having a rough start to the concert, the pair managed to get through it and decided to continue together. The details of their relationship are as follows:

Their fans and following were aware of Miles and Karen’s problems. Their differences were immediately apparent even before they were at the altar for their wedding. For instance, after seeing Miles’ Instagram posts, Karen wanted to pull out because she thought he was overly sentimental and sensitive.

Cause Of Break-up Speculations

The main source of fan rumors that Karen and Miles were no longer together was social media. The two had scheduled a trip to Punta Cana for the spring of 2022, but Mile subsequently revealed that it had been cancelled. He claimed that he postponed the bae-cation so that he could work and concentrate on his mental health and wellbeing. Before, Miles was honest about his struggle with clinical depression.

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The two were not promoting one another on their social media profiles, which exacerbated the separation in addition to the postponed vacation. Neither Miles nor Karen appeared to address the rumors for a while.

About The Show

Finally, Karen and Miles claimed that the rumours about their divorce were untrue. The couple was interviewed by Tabitha and Chance Brown for an episode of Couch Conversations. Mile is heard discussing his growth experience in a video clip Karen posted on her Instagram page. As Karen is his wife, he is learning to rely on her. He finds it difficult to accept the same type of support from others because he is an educator and is accustomed to assisting people.