Are Kaycee and Nany Still Together? A Deep Dive Into Kaycee and Nany’s Relationship

The relationship between Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez, who starred in The Challenge, is still going strong, and the two recently shared their future plans. 2019 saw the meeting of Nany and Kaycee on the set of Total Madness. Although Nany had participated in the popular show for a long time, Kaycee had never before.

She was the victor of Big Brother 20, though, and was no stranger to reality television. When Nany and Kaycee got close during Total Madness, there were rumors that they were hooking up. Though Kaycee was at the time dating Tayler Jiminez, the Challenge competitors kept things platonic.

To “The Challenge 38,” Kaycee and Kenny Clark Appear to Be Returning.

The Ride or Dies episode of The Challenge Season 38 began with the teams entering the house and introducing themselves. The current champion, Kaycee Clark, entered the competition with her brother, Kenny.

She was excited to compete with him because they have a close relationship and because her girlfriend Nany González hadn’t yet joined the game.

They were not able to take part in a single challenge, however, as the team was dragged from the house.

Emmy Russ and Nam Vo, as well as rookies Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutiérrez, were brought in to replace them. Host TJ Lavin did not provide any additional information regarding their disqualification.

They left because COVID-19 tests were positive, Kaycee revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly after she left. It seems that Kaycee and her brother do eventually return to the game. For the remainder of the season, she can be seen competing in a water challenge in a large trailer.

Kaycee Is a Reigning Challenge Champion

are kaycee and nany still together

The Big Brother 20 champion made her debut in Total Madness during season 35, and she had a respectable performance, taking three of the daily challenges and eliminating Kailah Casillas to advance to the final.

She finished second, though, and left without any prizes.
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She made a comeback for Double Agents in season 36 and improved, especially when she was with Leroy Garrett. Her ally Fessy Shafaat, however, threw himself into elimination in order to compete with her in the finals.

Unfortunately, she hurt herself during one of the legs, finishing fourth overall. In Spies, Lies, and Allies from season 37, Kaycee achieved her first victory after consecutive appearances in the final.
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She joined the Emerald Cell in partnership with rookie Emanuel Neagu, and the two of them stayed together after the team twist. With the exception of three daily missions, the team did well in the competition. She had to defeat her girlfriend Nany on the way to the finals, but it was worthwhile because she and CT Tamburello won, taking home a combined 3,000.

Kaycee Is Still Dating Nany González

During Total Madness, Nany expressed interest in Kaycee, but nothing more because the BB champion was already dating someone else at the time. Even though they both came back for Double Agents, there didn’t seem to be much interaction between the two.

Before Spies, Lies, and Allies began filming in March 2021, Kaycee and her longtime boyfriend Tayler Jiminez unfollowed one another on social media and deleted posts featuring each other.

As season 37 began, the couple made their relationship official after exchanging barbs on Twitter. Spies, Lies, and Allies highlighted the romance between the veterans because one of the episodes had a set date.

Many claimed they started seeing each other romantically after becoming single in an episode of The Challenge: Aftermath in August 2021. But Kaycee’s ex disagreed, claiming that they had a connection while they were still dating. Nany and Kaycee are still a couple.