All About ‘Love After Lockup’ Fame Couple Scott And Lindsey! Are They Still Together?

There’s just something about watching relationships unfold on reality television. After all, it brings drama and romance, which is the perfect recipe for entertainment.
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Let us find out whether Scott and Lindsay of ‘Love after Lockup’ are still together or not!

Love After Lockup

One of the most controversial couples featured on the show ‘Love After Lockup’ was Scott Bradshaw and Lindsey Downs. While the couple had high hopes for their relationship, things seemed to spiral out of control. Fans have been wondering where they are now and if they have been able to patch things up. 

are lindsey and scott still together

Are Scott And Lindsey ‘Happily Coupled Up’?

There’s no denying that things between Scott and Downs were toxic. Scott went through Downs’ things, which in her eyes, was a total violation of privacy.

And of course, she returned the favor by sifting through his things as well. Going tit for tat is definitely a thing for the duo. 

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Things even went to the next level after Downs discovered that the home Scott claimed he bought for them in Mississippi was a rental. And she found an old phone of his that contained pictures and videos of another woman, which led her to believe that he was being unfaithful.

Like we said, the drama never stops.

The Break Up!

Scott and Downs are definitely uncoupled. According to sources, Scott confirmed that he and Downs are no longer in a relationship. In fact, he shares that “he kicked Downs out of the house as soon as filming of Love After Lockup wrapped.” 

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He even had her arrested for destroying his property – including carving the words ‘F–k You’ in his desk. 

are lindsey and scott still together

When Downs Went To Prison!

Before she was sent back to prison, Downs cut all contact with Bradshaw. She claims she’s completely done with the relationship. He did attempt to contact her in prison via a letter. However, it wasn’t a nice “let’s get back together” letter. The paper, which Downs shared on Instagram, is a list of things Bradshaw predicted Downs would do upon getting out of prison.

Scott Bradshaw Has Moved On from The Relationship!

Since Scott kicked Downs to the curb and out of his home, it’s clear that the star is focused on moving on with his life. Despite their unhealthy relationship, Scott has no hard feelings.
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Even with how everything ended between them, he wishes her the best.