Are Mari and Kenny Still Together After Bachelors of Paradise?

A couple from season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise After being engaged on the show last year, Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch have finally revealed their wedding date. When Mari and Kenny first met on a Mexican beach, they felt a strong attraction to one another.

When Kenny asked Mari to marry him, she readily accepted. They moved into a shared apartment in Chicago, Kenny’s birthplace, in March 2022. Mari has recently been updating everyone on their wedding plans as well.

Mari Pepin & Kenny Braasch Reveal Wedding Date

are mari and kenny still together

The Bachelor in Paradise couple announced the schedule for their weddings, which will actually be two weddings, in an interview with Bachelor Nation. Mari said that although they are “only at the early phases of wedding planning,” they have chosen November 2019 as one of their dates.

She revealed that Mari’s native Puerto Rico will be the setting for the wedding and that they have a list of four to five potential locations that they will visit either this month or the following month. Kenny stated: “When it comes to planning, I mainly just enjoy seeing Mari take pleasure in doing so.

Our Puerto Rican wedding, however, will be somewhat more intimate and will only include relatives. After that, we’ll do something fun in Chicago. There will be a party.” Kenny stated that he will focus more of his planning on the Chicago party. He explained the timing of the two marriages as follows: “We anticipate that it will happen around the same time, but we are not yet certain. For that one, early 2024 is a possibility.”

After “Bachelor in Paradise,” Are Mari and Kenny Still Together?

are mari and kenny still together

Following the conclusion, Mari and Kenny were quite clear that they were still together.

There’s something about Mari, Kenny wrote with a set of images of his fiancĂ©e on Instagram in October 2021. In a related post, Mari used the hashtag #takenforever and added heart and heart-eye emojis to the caption.

To be honest, we aren’t too shocked.

They both exchanged romantic photos with each other during their Bachelor in Paradise voyage, making it very evident that, at the very least, they got along. However, it has now been confirmed that Mari and Kenny are still together after they both uploaded photos of themselves with one another with Mari wearing her stunning new ring.

Mari and Kenny Keep Pushing Their Romance Even Further.

Mari and Kenny have been open about their love since going public with their courtship, including spending multiple holidays together. The couple traveled to Mari’s home country of Puerto Rico to spend Thanksgiving with her family in November 2021, when they had their first holiday together. On Instagram, the two posted a ton of cute pictures from their trip.

Together, the two spent Christmas in Chicago with Kenny’s family. On Instagram, they shared images of their holiday activities, which included a trip to Frosty’s Christmas Pop-Up (which looks like so much fun, by the way) and a photo shoot with Santa Claus dressed in matching green button-up shirts.

Mari and Kenny Made Their Formal Residence Together in January 2022.

are mari and kenny still together

The pair announced on Instagram Stories that they have signed their first joint lease for a Chicago apartment: Before Mari revealed it on her own page, Kenny wrote, “[Mari] and I have signed the lease on a new apartment here in Chicago,” and added, “I can’t wait to keep bothering you, scaring you, and loving you everyday boo!”

Since then, Mari and Kenny have publicly discussed getting married and celebrating their one-year anniversary. The couple hasn’t decided on a date, but they are absolutely committed to having their wedding in Puerto Rico, Mari stated during an appearance on the Talking it Out podcast, presented by Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, in April 2022.

When Mari and Kenny announced they were growing their family on Instagram on July 25, 2022, they pulled a major practical joke on their followers. The black-and-white photos closely resembled ultrasound images.

The two captioned their combined photo “IT’S A BOY!!!” before quickly disclosing that they had adopted a puppy together.

Our little family has grown by four legs and a wiggly little tail as a result of our numerous adoption applications and pre-naming every puppy we requested in the hopes that we would be chosen as their new pawrents, the couple said. “Everyone, meet Eleven, our brand-new baby! However, we haven’t decided on his name yet, so please offer your options as well.


Throughout their time together on Bachelor in Paradise, they showed that they were at the very least on friendly terms by exchanging romantic photos. But now that they’ve both posted images of themselves with the other, and with Mari showing off her gorgeous new ring, it’s clear that Mari and Kenny are still very much together.