Too Hot to Handle: Are Marvin and Melinda Still Dating?

The last episodes of Too Hot to Handle season two demonstrated that some of the relationships barely improved until the very end, leaving us to question which couples are still together now.

The retreat, where one person ultimately won the big money prize, featured Emily Miller, Cam Holmes, Marvin Anthony, and Melinda Melrose, who all experienced their fair share of highs and lows.

Peter and Melinda, a coupling that fans were not at all expecting, later formed as Christina Carmela swiftly drew close to Robert Van Tromp.

Are any of the couples from Too Hot to Handle series 2 still together, though? Let’s look at this…

Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony Remain a Couple?

are marvin and melinda still together

In order to make their long-distance romance work, Marvin and Melinda have finally clarified the situation and said they are not officially dating.

Six days after the final episodes aired on Netflix, Marvin provided an explanation in a video, saying: “We had that thing which we built up during the program, and when we returned home we started having disagreements.”

We often disagree, Melinda echoed.

The New York beauty later disclosed her relationship with Peter Vigilante. But more on that is covered below.

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Possibly Dating Are Melinda Melrose and Peter Vigilante.

are marvin and melinda still together

The most unexpected couple to emerge from Too Hot to Handle series two is Peter and Melinda, who confirmed their love less than a week after the final episodes aired.

After a very painful Instagram live with Melinda and Marvin when they discussed the end of their relationship, the revelation followed.

Melinda and Peter confirmed their relationship with a few rather explicit photographs, but since September, they haven’t been seen on each other’s social media feeds, raising fans’ suspicions that they may no longer be together.

Robert and Christina from Too Hot to Handle Are No Longer Dating.

are marvin and melinda still together

After a passionate encounter in the retreat, things between these two grew much more serious over time, but in September they announced their separation.

After spending a lot of time with Christina in South Africa shortly after the series ended—they even spent Christmas 2020 together—Robert claimed that things between them were too challenging after he moved back to London.

But he added: “I feel like right now it’s gotten very challenging, and it has pushed us further apart. It’s been a mutual decision in terms of parting ways because we both have the same frustrations when it comes to the process, the way the show has happened, and even though I think there may be potential down the line, in whatever months or years to come.”

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Are Tabitha Clifft and Chase De Moor Still Dating?

are marvin and melinda still together

After Tabitha initially focused her attention on Cam, Chase and Tabitha were an unexpected relationship that fans didn’t see coming.

But as they got to know one another, Chase developed a deep affection for Tabitha—more so than was revealed to the audience.

He revealed: “Me and Tabitha… Many aspects were left out, such as the fact that the white party had the green light when it actually did. Tabitha and I actually get along extremely well; when she phones at four in the morning, I turn on the light and have a brief conversation with her.

“Tabitha and Carly and I get along really well.”

However, when we asked the NFL athlete if he continued to explore his love for Tabitha, he cryptically retorted: “I don’t know, you never know, relationships are one of those things you can never really predict or forecast or anything. Only time will tell whether the chemistry I felt with Tabitha and Carly was genuine.

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Joey Joy and Carly Lawrence Remain a Couple?

In the retreat, Carly and Joey appeared to be best friends as well as partners, but it appears that things didn’t stay that way for very long after the program.

Season three of Too Hot to Handle is currently streaming on Netflix.


After Too Hot To Handle, Marvin and Melinda split up. After their brief romance in Turks and Caicos, Anthony and Melrose are no longer in a relationship, contrary to what fans had thought would happen.