Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Still Together? Check Their Relationship Timeline

Actress Megan Denise Fox is American. In addition to countless supporting appearances in movies and television shows including the adolescent musical comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and the ABC sitcom Hope & Faith, she made her acting debut in the family picture Holiday in the Sun.

Machine Gun Kelly, the stage name of Colson Baker, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. He is renowned for blending hip-hop and alternative rock. Before joining Bad Boy Records, Machine Gun Kelly released four mixtapes between 2007 and 2010.

Are Megan Fox And Mgk Broke Up?

are megan fox and mgk still together

Miss Fox And Mgk have not split apart. The pair remains united. Even they let the public know about their romance. On January 12, 2022, they exchanged vows. Additionally, Megan was married for ten years to Brian Austin Green. The couple met in 2005 and began dating despite having a 12-year age gap.

They later became engaged in 2010 and wed in 2020 before divorcing in 2021. Even Mgk shares a 13-year-old daughter, Casie Colson Baker, with his ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon. Megan and Mgk are still joyful right now. They really connected with one another.

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The First Date Megan and Mgk Had Was a Picnic:


In an interview with GQ last year, the “emo girl” singer stated, “I love a dark fairytale.” The Jennifer’s Body actress was taken on the couple’s first actual date by Kelly in a 1974 Cadillac convertible to a cliffside lunch complete with a blanket and roses, followed by a rooftop makeout session to pop punk music, according to the interview.

They were frequently seen making out in Los Angeles throughout the summer of 2020. Their bond is unconventional and “extremely intense,” according to Fox. According to Fox, “our souls chose this so that we would unavoidably have to face our shadow selves, to face aspects about ourselves that we attempted to push away from knowing.”

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Are Megan Fox and MGK Married?

are megan fox and mgk still together

Fox has informed MGK that even though they are more in love than ever, she is not yet his wife. On February 20, as the two were watching an NBA all-star game from courtside, the announcer referred to Fox as Kelly’s “wife” as the duo appeared on the jumbotron. Fox laughed in response and covered her mouth before saying, “I’m not…” to Kelly.

During a February 24 interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Machine Gun Kelly discussed the wedding’s plans and noted the challenges of organizing a goth wedding.

Kelly responded, “when they can make me a red river with like gothic- the site is hard-” when asked when they intend to get married. I’m looking for a location that fits my artistic [vision].”

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Are Megan Fox and MGK Still Together?

are megan fox and mgk still together

The duo sparked suspicions when the Jennifer’s Body actress looked to turn down her soon-to-be husband when he moved in for a kiss on the cheek during a red-carpet appearance at the 2022 Daily Front Row Awards on Sunday, April 10.

In the viral video, Megan appears uninterested as she physically avoids her fiancé at a tender moment. “Megan Fox be like…” is written over the video, and a voiceover from HBO’s Euphoria can be heard saying, “First of all, disgusting. And secondly, ew. Before walking the red carpet with his future wife, MGK seemed to laugh off the embarrassing situation.

When Megan tweeted a touching tribute to her soon-to-be husband on his 32nd birthday on April 22, she put an end to the persistent separation rumors. She expressed her admiration for his beautiful soul in a heartfelt homage, saying, “I’m proud to adore you and to be the object of your affection.”

Timeline of Megan Fox and Mgk’s Relationship

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