Are Michael And Danielle Still Together? Here’s All You Need To Know About The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple!

The fan-favorite couple from the 8th season of Bachelor In Paradise, Michael and Danielle is rumored to be split up as there is no public proof of them being together. Is the couple still together? Or have things ended for good? Read More to find out all you need to know!

Who Is Michael Allio?

Michael Allio has been a contestant on the show ‘Bachelor In Paradise‘. Before this, he was also a contestant in ‘The Bachelorette’ in the year 2021 when it was Kate Thurston’s season.

He is a single father, and he got widowed before he came on the show. His story grabbed the attention of many viewers. He has shared his story with many viewers of the show.

are michael and danielle still together

Currently, Allio can be seen in the 8th season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’.

Who Is Danielle Maltby?

Danielle Maltby is a nurse by profession, and appears on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 8. Danielle met Michael on the show itself.

When Did Michael and Danielle Get Together?

Right from the beginning of the show’s 8th season, fans have been very supportive of the single dad. Danielle joined the show a little late, and viewers saw Michael form an immediate connection with Danielle.

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Right from her first day, Danielle was a match for Michael. Fans started rooting for the couple and hoped for them to get married.

are michael and danielle still together

As per the finale episode of the show, Michael and Danielle did not get engaged by the time the shoe ended. But, to fans happiness, the couple decided to date outside the show. The duo left the show as a couple.

Are They Still Together?

Danielle and Michael have not been very open about their relationship and have kept it private. But, when the couple attended Bachelor In Paradise alum Wells Adams’ wedding together, fans were convinced that the couple is still together and is going strong. Wells Adams got married to Sarah Hyland on August 2020.

The couple remains quite private when it comes to posting about each other on Instagram.

are michael and danielle still together

According to trustworthy sources, the couple is still together. Danielle, who is still a nurse, is now planning to move to Ohio to live with Michael and his son. Although, Danielle will get her own place in Ohio.

The source said: “Michael and Danielle are still together. Danielle is moving to Ohio but getting her own place.

They are taking things slow.”

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The couple wants to take things slow and want to explore their relationship before any long term commitment.