Are ‘Family Karma’ Reality TV Couple Monica Vaswani And Rish Karam Still Together?

As we all know, there is no reality TV couple without its own faults. There is always drama attached to these couples. And the couple who is the talk of the town these days is Monica Vaswani and Rish Karam.

Read more to find out about all the drama that brews between them and the answer to big question-‘Is the couple still together?’

Who Are Rish Karam And Monica Vaswani?

Rish Karam is a famous businessman and restaurateur. Rish comes from a very large, cultural, and business-centric family from India.
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He is different from others, unlike most twentysomethings in his community, as he lives on his own. 

Monica, 30, is a digital content creator by day and an aspiring Bollywood choreographer by night. Monica graduated from Florida International University. She studied there from 2010 to 2014 and was a member of the college’s debate team. She received a degree in Communications.

are monica and rish still together

Rish and Monica are contestants of the show ‘Family Karma’.

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Their ‘Will-They-Won’t-They’ Relationship On Family Karma

After writing off Brian as just her “friend, Monica proceeded to focus on her new beau Rish, and their relationship. While season 2 ended on a high note for the couple, with Monica dreaming of their big-fat Indian wedding, and starting a family with him, it looks like things may not have gone as smoothly as she envisioned. Season 3 of the bravo show will feature Rish as the full-time cast member. It was once said on the show that Monica and Rish have “always” liked each other.

are monica and rish still together

Ahead of the season 3 premiere of ‘Family Karma’, the cast sat down to share their take on what to expect on the upcoming season. While Brian, Vishal Parvani, and Amrit Kapai, seemed optimistic about Monica and Rish’s relationship by predicting a proposal, Bali, however, speculated that the audience would get to witness “50 shades of Monica and Rish’s relationship”. She also added that the couple’s relationship may not last.

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Is The Couple Still Together?

If Monica and Rish’s social media activities are anything to go by, then there may be truth to Bali’s prediction. Back in the day, Monica and Rish, never shied away from displaying their love for each other on their social media posts. The couple regularly posted cute pictures and clips of themselves together from their day-to-day life. The couple’s posts became less frequent until hawk-eyed fans noticed that the duo unfollowed each other after Monica modeled for a wedding shoot with someone other than Rish.

Although Monica and Rish are currently following each other on Instagram, the Bravo show’s synopsis too hints at the couple’s split. According to the season 3 summary, “Monica is considered the “perfect Indian girl” by her community and is ready to take her relationship with Rish to the next level.

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However, a growing secret among her friends threatens their future together.” Rumors of cheating too have been flying around, though users have to watch the show for knowing the truth.
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So, as of now, despite feuds, Monica and Rish are dating each other, although the forthcoming episodes of the show will tell us about the drama that is going to unfold.