‘Summer House’: Is Mya and Oliver Are Still Together or They Were Just Friends with Benefits?

Reality TV show “Summer House” on Bravo is about long-time friends who get together on the weekends at a summer house to get away from their work lives. Even though there was a lot of drama and controversy in season 6, fans found something good in cheering for Mya Allen and Oliver Grey. People were glad to see Mya give her dating life a second chance, and they were excited to see how Oliver could win her heart. If you’ve been looking for more information about how the two are doing now, you might not have to look any further.

The Summer House Journey of Mya and Oliver

are mya and oliver still together

Mya quit her job as a restaurant consultant and started both a blog and a cookie business. Oliver, on the other hand, is from New York and works for an organization that helps people of color. Mya used to be in a long-term relationship. For five years, she was married to a chef. After the sad ending, she stopped going on dates, and she had a hard time committing to anything. Danielle, who is Mya’s friend, decided on her own to set her up with someone. She knew Mya well enough as a friend to know that she wouldn’t like the idea of meeting someone new.

So, Danielle invited Oliver to Lindsay Hubbard’s birthday party so that the two could meet naturally. Mya loved how laid-back and easy-going he was, and there was definitely a spark between them. They talked about all kinds of strange things, like Oliver’s dislike of white condiments.

On season 6’s reunion episode, host Andy Cohen kept trying to get them to talk about their relationship, and Mya finally told him everything. She made a joke about the fact that they didn’t agree on the condiments and gave the date an overall “10 out of 10.” She told everyone that she was still with Oliver and that he was still an important part of her life.

Mya says that they weren’t dating and that he wasn’t her boyfriend. Instead, she says that they were more like friends with benefits. Oliver sat in the crowd and watched the reunion episode while Mya was being interviewed. But since the end of the season, what has happened to the couple? Did their friendship take a new path and turn into a serious relationship, or did it end badly?

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Do Mya and Oliver Still Have a Relationship?

No, Mya and Oliver don’t have a relationship. Mya said that they weren’t dating or seriously interested in each other, so it sounds like it was more like a fling. They haven’t said anything about their friends-with-benefits relationship turning into something more, so we can’t know for sure. But they might still be following what they had agreed to before.

Mya did post an Instagram story on Oliver’s birthday after the season was over. In the picture, the two were sitting in a bar with their cheeks touching and smiling at the camera. She wrote “HBD” next to the story and added the sound of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” in the background.

are mya and oliver still together

But they don’t follow each other on Instagram, so it’s unlikely that they are dating. Also, Mya’s trouble making decisions could have had something to do with this. After the show, she wrote about his birthday in an Instagram story. In the picture, they were sitting close together in a bar with their cheeks touching. She just wrote “HBD.” as the post’s caption and put 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” song in the background.

As of right now, we can only wait for Mya to tell us what’s going on. In season 7, she is making a comeback by posting reels of recipes and getting paid partnerships. On the other hand, Oliver is working to spread the word about his NGO and is reaching new goals.

The two have kept their relationships private, so there is no evidence that they are seeing someone else. So, based on the information above, the two could have broken up or kept seeing each other occasionally. Still, fans loved the short time they spent on the show together, and we want to see more of them. Despite this, we will still help them as individuals.

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