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Are Nancy and Robin Dating? Fans of “Stranger Things” Want Nancy and Robin, Not Jonathan or Steve!

are nancy and robin dating

Even though Hawkins is in complete disorder, Nancy and Robin from Stranger Things seem to be the center of attention as the chaos around them takes place.

The romantics among us are willing to ship the two teen girls while Vecna terrorizes youth and terrified onlookers keep wondering, “Does Eleven get her powers back?”

A little love story wouldn’t hurt, however, even though the show’s darker horror element seems to be working well—after all, Netflix customers viewed 286.7 million hours of the fourth season over its opening weekend. After all this chaos, we need a little rest!

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Nancy and Robin from “Stranger Things”

Nancy, a journalist for the Hawkins High newspaper, is driven to find out what Vecna’s terrible deeds are and why he targets the town’s teenagers. She and Robin are looking for hints in the library after a little misunderstanding in the friend group.

The two get off to a fairly bad start on their mission, and it looks like they won’t be able to get along for very long. Surprisingly, though, the extreme opposites manage to unite and even speak with Victor Creel about removing Vecna’s enchantment. The once insurmountable team is now inseparable.

Even worse, some fans have given the super detectives the name “Romance.” When they gaze at each other like this, how can one not ship them, a supporter questions? Videos of the two—accompanied by Taylor Swift music—have gone viral. That essentially sums everything up.

Who knows how things will progress because the Duffer brothers have stated that there is a tonne more in development for the second volume of the program, which begins streaming on July 1.

According to Matt Duffer, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly, “We have a lot of significant character emotional discoveries and payoffs in the final two episodes, so I don’t want to disclose too much.”

Fans of “Stranger Things” Want Nancy and Robin, Not Jonathan or Steve, According to Netflix

When it comes to the show’s LGBTQ representation—or lack thereof—Stranger Things 4 has stirred up a box of worms. The choice to leave Will’s sexuality “up to interpretation” has caused a lot of debate, but there has also been shockingly little romance for the beloved Robin. In one episode, Vicki, the girl Maya Hawke’s band geek had a crush on, and she appeared in a few scenes together.

Instead, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Robin teamed up for the whole of Robin’s season four, volume one plot, and their dynamic friendship quickly became another enduring Stranger Things combination. Fans are eager for Nancy to break her never-ending Jonathan/Steve love triangle and start dating Miss Buckley because she is so adored. Since people have been talking so loudly about this online, even Netflix has had to pay attention.

The @NetflixGeeked Twitter account first requested votes from followers asking whether they preferred Nancy to end up with Jonathan or Steve. However, everyone opted for the third alternative and launched the push for a relationship between Nancy and Robin.

Following that, Netflix Geeked praised all of the Robin votes, saying, “Reply for Robin going strong.” The account then changed course and began stepping up its Nancy/Robin content in response to user demand, posting a compilation of the pair’s greatest moments to date.

But many aren’t fully content still. Those who are expecting they’ll progress to anything more have taken offense at the use of the term “BFFs” to characterize the duo in the tweet. Netflix, you know it’s Pride Month!

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The audience doesn’t seem to be as immersed in the Nancy/Jonathan/Steve drama as the writers would want. While it’s unlikely that Nancy/Robin, or Nancy? would catch on in volume two, there’s a chance that things might turn out differently in the fifth and final season of the show.

After all, we already know that Will’s journey will have some sort of “resolution.” On July 1, Stranger Things 4 will wrap up with two more enormous episodes.

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