Have Nelson and Olivia Broken up Or Are They Still Together?

‘The Challenge,’ an offshoot of MTV’s ‘The Real World’ and ‘Road Rules,’ assembles a contestant roster from other MTV series. Each stage of the tough tasks, in which the candidates fight against one another, is harder than the one before it.

While failing a challenge means elimination, those who prevail in the grand challenge win a large prize that they frequently divide.

Fans have been particularly intrigued by the closeness that ‘The Challenge’ competitors Nelson Thomas and Olivia Kaiser enjoy because the show has set the stage for a number of fairytale romances throughout the seasons. The two first had difficulties, but because of their dedication, they were able to overcome them. Fans are understandably curious about Nelson and Olivia’s connection right now.

The Journey of Nelson and Olivia’s Challenge

are nelson and olivia still together

In episode 38, “Ride or Dies,” of season 38, Nelson Thomas and Olivia Kaiser first met. Interest in their followers was heightened by Nelson’s eventual victory in his first daily challenge after 54 failed tries and Olivia’s strategy to put herself in hot water with her rookie partner Horacio.

The two players on the stage performed brilliantly, showcasing their unique talents. It was expected that Nelson would be seduced by the brilliant Olivia following her daring masterstroke that changed the course of rookie history.

Fans, however, were startled by Nelson’s decision to send his new girlfriend, Olivia, home.

He made the decision to protect Faisal, a friend who had betrayed him in the show in favor of his love affair. The actress Olivia, who was as astonished as the spectators, had most certainly not planned this action.

When your on-screen spouse and ex say you should have chosen your girlfriend rather than your scheming pal, you know it was a bad decision.

The relationship was already showing signs of cracks, and this action was surely not the best.

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Nelson and Olivia: Still Dating or Not?


Unfortunately, shortly after the movie was finished, Olivia Kaiser and Nelson Thomas broke up. Even if the emotions were genuine, they were at various phases of love. Olivia discussed their breakup and what caused it on the podcast “The Challenge Mania.”

She claimed that they broke up because she wasn’t ready to commit to a serious relationship and didn’t want to lead Nelson on and Nelson was more invested in the relationship. They weren’t compatible, according to Olivia, since despite the fact that she loved him, she wasn’t prepared to give up her life of fun.

We cannot help but feel sorry for Olivia, despite her repeated claims that the Faisal incident didn’t affect her and had nothing to do with the breakup and that she only wanted him to do what was right for him. On occasion, one should follow their heart rather than stand by a traitorous buddy.

The two are not currently dating and are concentrating on their separate lives. While Nelson is concentrating on his brand, Level-up Clothing, and his personal training profession, Olivia is fixated on her flourishing Scottsdale-based cosmetology business, Livbeautifullyaz. We wish them the best of luck in their individual endeavors and a bright future.

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Olivia Was Inadvertently Made to Disappear by Nelson.

With Moriah Jadea and Fessy, Nelson and Nuys, and Olivia and Horacio remaining in the draw, the two exacted revenge on Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald by sending them straight to elimination.

Nelson was forced into a difficult situation because he had affection for Olivia but also had a long-standing alliance with Fessy when Nelson and Nurys drew the safe dagger.

When he poured himself into Nelson’s elimination during Double Agents in the hopes of winning and switching partners, Fessy turned against him, but Nelly T saved him.

Horacio and Olivia entered the Zone for the third time as a result of the action, although Olivia swore she had no ill will toward him. She didn’t want to rely on him to save her, according to the rookie, and wanted him to make the best decision for his situation. MTV airs The Challenge 38: Ride or Die every Wednesday.