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Are Nick & Lc Still Together from ‘The Perfect Match’?

are nick and lc still together

With the shortest amount of time spent together, it’s natural for fans of The Perfect Match season 1 to wonder if Nick and LC are still together and if so, where they are now that shooting is complete. Season 1 of Nick Lachey’s Netflix dating shows The Perfect Match included former contestants Nick Uhlenhuth (from season 3 of The Circle) and Lauren “LC” Chamblin (from season 1 of Love Is Blind) (who also hosts Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum).

Ex-contestants from several Netflix reality programs (such as Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, The Ultimatum, and The Mole) relocate to a tropical villa and try their luck at dating again in the hopes of finding love.

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Contestants who haven’t found a partner by the end of the week are booted off the show, and fresh singles enter the villa to try to make couples split up. At the end of the competition, the pair who was deemed to be the best match by the eliminated candidates are awarded a monetary reward.

Are Nick and Lc Still Together from The Perfect Match Season 1?

Is it true that Nick and LC broke up after the first season of The Perfect Match? It’s hard to tell what the correct response is. A total of five different couples appeared in the season 1 finale of The Perfect Match, including Nick and LC (The Mole) and Georgia (Too Hot to Handle), Chloe (Too Hot to Handle), and Shayne (Love Is Blind), Bartise (Love Is Blind) and Izzy (Too Hot to Handle), and Joey (The Circle) and Kariselle (The Perfect Match) (Sexy Beasts).

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Nick and LC argued they weren’t a perfect fit in the season one conclusion of The Perfect Match. Nick bluntly answered, “The short answer is no [we are not the perfect fit. We discussed it, but we don’t feel like we’re a great fit for one other.

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Well, I believe that would be really absurd. LC elaborated by saying she was “100%” in agreement.

It would be crazy, she went on to say, for us to be like, “Great match!” In other words, “He’s the one!” I won’t say anything that doesn’t come from the heart, and I won’t say it merely to make up for the fact that we’re all together. Although Nick and LC haven’t publicly acknowledged their relationship, it appears that things are amicable between them at the time of this writing. Both of them are now following each other on Instagram.

Who Is Nick from The Perfect Match season 1?

The 29-year-old Louisville, Kentucky native Nick Uhlenhuth. He first appeared as a participant in season three of The Circle, when he finished fifth and was eliminated. Nick performed both as himself and as “Vince,” a ghost hunter.

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Who is LC from The Perfect Match season 1?

From Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren “LC” Chamblin is a 29-year-old woman. She first competed in season 1 of Love Is Blind.
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LC identified herself as a “Recruiter/Account Executive” in the first season of Love Is Blind. LC also appeared in the “After the Altar” episode of season 1 of Love Is Blind.

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