Are Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl Dating? Unveiling the Truth Behind Their Rumored Romance

Both Noah Thompson and HunterGirl competed all the way through Season 20 of American Idol. In the end, Thompson was declared the show’s winner (he was given the top prize and a record deal with Hollywood Records).

Despite being ranked as runner-up, HunterGirl (Hunter Wolkonowski) has continued to succeed in the country music industry (she recorded new music and realized her dream of performing at the Grand Old Opry). Despite the challenging competition, the two grew close on the show and have remained so ever since.

The up-and-coming Country combo revealed that they would be co-headlining a tour beginning in October 2022. In a press statement, Thompson remarked, “I can’t believe a year ago, I was doing construction, and now I’m announcing a tour with one of my best friends, HunterGirl. “I met HunterGirl on Idol, and we quickly grew close.

We’ve maintained our friendship, and now we get to travel together.
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Singing on stage is one of my favorite activities. In a real sense, I am living in a dream.
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They performed songs together around the nation while on tour, which fueled more speculations that the two were dating.

Are Hunter Girl and Noah Thompson Dating From American Idol?

are noah thompson and hunter girl dating

No, HunterGirl and Noah Thompson are not dating after Season 20 of American Idol. In an interview with Taste of Country in August 2022, Thompson addressed the rumors. Because our trailers were next to each other, Thompson remarked, “Me and Hunter, I mean, we became a lot closer than the other, uh, you know, the other contestants toward the end.”

“That’s not something we chose; instead, we simply grew close. We discussed many topics, such as how I was feeling or how another person was feeling. Simply put, I was there for her and she was there for me. We recently become close,” he continued. His interview comes after accusations surfaced that he began seeing HunterGirl after splitting from Angel Dixon, the mother of his two-year-old son Walker.

Thompson confronted the rumors head-on. I adore Hunter utterly. But we are not, by any means, together,” he said. He further emphasized that there is no hostility between Hunter and his (said now ex-girlfriend). They get along well. Hunter and Angel spoke after Angel had flown over here. They get along well. People should simply give up. Nobody has taken any action.

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How Did Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon Get Together?

are noah thompson and hunter girl dating

Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon have been dating ever since high school. Angek Dixon, who was the actor’s girlfriend and the mother of his son Walker Lee Thompson, would be recognizable to fans who follow him on social media.

On his social media pages, Noah Thompson has also been sharing images of himself. In the photos, Noah Thompson and his son Walker could be seen playing outside while donning trucker hats. Noah Thompson also displayed images of Angel Dixon.

Who Exactly is Angel Dixon?

are noah thompson and hunter girl dating

American Angel Dixon is well-known on social media. Greg Fuggit and Sharon Workman are her parents. Her birthplace was Louisa, Kentucky. She attended Lawrence County High School in Louisa, Kentucky, where she first met Noah Thompson. They were in love in high school, though no one is certain when they began dating.

After graduating from high school, she enrolled in Big Sandy Community and Technical College in Prestonburg, Kentucky. The couple gave birth to a boy in Louisa, Kentucky, in 2021. He won American Idol’s 20th season the following year.

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Supposed Relationship Between Noah Thomson and A Hunter Girl

are noah thompson and hunter girl dating

There were numerous rumors that Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl were dating after the American Idol competition. In 2022, Hunter Girl placed second. Noah and Hunter Girl developed a solid friendship while they were working on the project.

Additionally, there were TikTok videos showing the two interacting, which sparked allegations that they were dating. But Noah has maintained that they are merely pals and has denied that they are dating.