Olivia and Korey, the Winners of Season 3 of Love Island, Still Together?

In the fun dating reality series “Love Island USA,” a group of singles lives in a villa or island that is sealed off from the outside world. Every single must be paired with another song, though, in order to stay in the competition. Because of the intense drama and fast-paced relationships it features, the series has been warmly welcomed and is quite popular since its inception. In season 3, Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser chose to be hitched after the meeting. Fans want to know if they made it all the way after they went through a number of different partners before they finally connected. Let’s check to see if the couple is still together.

Olivia and Korey’s Love Island Adventure

are olivia and korey still together

From the beginning, Korey and Olivia took part in the program and were paired with Kyra and Javonny, respectively. Olivia chose to stay with Javonny until day 15 of the season, at which point they made the decision to part ways. Javonny discovered that he was eliminated from the competition, and Olivia initially remained single before meeting Korey and becoming engaged to him. On the other side, Korey went through a number of relationships, moving on from Kyra to Trina, Florida, Cashay, and finally Leslie, who was presented in Casa Amor.

On Day 34 of the competition, though, Korey and Olivia got together and avoided elimination. After the meeting, Korey and Olivia appeared at ease with one another and indicated a wish to keep their relationship going.

Although Korey hadn’t had many significant relationships before Olivia, they seemed to have a lot in common. Olivia expressed interest in Andre Brunelli, a new character for the season, but she later came to terms with her love for Korey and chose to stay with him, further solidifying their relationship.

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Are Olivia and Korey still together?

are olivia and korey still together

Winners of Love Island season 3  Korey Gandy, and Olivia Kaiser have each made the decision to pursue other interests.

After winning season 3 of the program, which had its conclusion in August of 2017, Korey, 28, and Olivia, 29, announced their separation on Instagram.

The reality star said he was finally responding to the question he gets “at least 20 times a day” at the start of his lengthy caption.

“We both agreed to take a step back in our relationship and simply be friends for now,” Korey wrote.

“It took me this long to say something because I didn’t want to think it was true. “I learned so much about myself from Liv. I understood that I might once more be open to being hurt and caring for someone. Everything was beautiful while we were on Love Island, and I can honestly say that was the best time of my life.”

are olivia and korey still together

But, like many reality stars who fall in love when immersed in a fantasy-like setting, Korey claimed that the couple was unable to overcome some obstacles in the real world. Despite this, there is no animosity between the former lovers.

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“One of the most gorgeous persons I’ve ever encountered, inside and out, is this girl. She will always have my regard and concern. I’m so grateful for the love and support we received as a couple both during and after the show that I can’t even begin to express it “He went on. “But regrettably, for the time being, our adventures must take different paths. I hope we’ll all get the same level of support since I adore each and every one of you.”