Are OnlyJayus and Mattie Still Together in 2023? Latest Updates and Rumors on The Most Adored Couple of Social Media!

When it first appeared in the digital sphere, Tik Tok provided several producers with the chance to showcase their skills. Two of them are Bella and Mattie. Since they published their debut video on Tik Tok, they have amassed a tonne of notoriety, which has allowed them to draw in followers on Instagram and YouTube as well.

It’s possible that Mattie and Bella met on Tik Tok. Little is known about their relationship and love lives because they did a great job of keeping their past relationships private until they verified them.

They both became well-known on their own, rapidly expanding their following bases on Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat as well. After confirming their romance, they filled their social media with romantic pictures and videos until they got caught up in the rumour of a breakup.

Who Is Mattie Westbrouck ?

are onlyjayus and mattie still together

If you are an avid Tik Tok user, you have probably at least once seen Mattie’s charming video performing something that amusingly but inexplicably makes no sense. The lovely 22-year-old Tik Tok star Mattie Westbrouk works tirelessly to provide her followers with engaging material through popular Tik Tok videos and Instagram reels.

You may see her providing stuff from other people’s perspectives, content about certain hot subjects, and whatever else her admirers would find interesting and innovative. This 22-year-old social media pioneer was born in the United States on September 3, 2000.

When she was 13 years old, she was first rejected because of her sexuality. Nevertheless, with time, her parents came to embrace her sexuality, and today she lives happily with her parents and siblings. Given that Mattie is a female, she doesn’t mind if others refer to her as he or she. She is comfortable using any pronoun and respects them both. She participates in and speaks about LGBTQ groups with a lot of vigour.

Mattie Westbrook has two siblings in addition to a successful businessman for a father and a driven woman for a mother. Both of them, like Mattie, are talented individuals who give their all in their individual fields of endeavour.

Mattie’s sister is a Tik Tok celebrity, while her elder brother Nolan works as a voice actor. Mattie has put in a lot of effort and made a good living as a Tik Tok star and social media celebrity. Her amusing videos and charming appearance never fail to attract her fans’ attention.

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Isabella Avila: Who Is She?

are onlyjayus and mattie still together

Millions of people follow Isabella Avila, better known as Onlyjayus, on social media and Tik Tok, where she entices her admirers on a regular basis. In addition to modelling, Isabella Avila is an influencer. She is one of the well-known Instagram influencers and has made appearances in a number of TV programmes and series.

Isabella Avila, who was born on April 12th, 1999, is now 23 years old. Isabella is well-known for creating POV films, sharing details about her personal life, and delivering popular material on Instagram and Tik Tok.

Also, she frequently posts photos of her tattoos on Instagram and appears to always have one. She enjoys showing off her tattoos to her followers. She enjoys experimenting with her hair and frequently changing up her appearance, so you could also see her sporting several types of hairstyles.

As Mattie and Isabella appear to have connected on social media, their relationship status has since been established. Fans were ecstatic to learn of their romance, and the viewers felt butterflies watching their adorable love videos.

History of Mattie and Bella’s Relationship

are onlyjayus and mattie still together

When Mattie and Bella revealed they were dating, their followers were ecstatic and eagerly anticipating more stuff from them. Mattie and Bella continued to share their adorable videos on Instagram and Tik Tok as requested by their admirers. Their supporters were delighted, and everyone could see how much they loved each other.

Mattie explained in a little YouTube video that she was in love with four individuals at once in the month of March 2022. It seems that Bella was one of the four people. But, she did so in such a kind and attractive way when she expressed her love for Bella.

Bella was referred to by Mattie as both her crush and Astro’s (Bella’s pet) father. She added that in addition to loving Bella in all of these many roles, Mattie also adores Bella for who she truly is. The identical video was shared on Instagram by Bella as well, who identified Mattie as her crush and best friend.

Mattie and Bella created a short love film of themselves, which was well-liked by their followers, by compiling their previous humorous and romantic videos and cuddling and kissing each other throughout. People began to leave comments and wish them a happy marriage.

Given that Mattie is considerably shorter than Bella, one of the romantic scenes in the video that viewers are gushing over had Mattie getting up on the table to kiss and embrace Bella. Moreover, Mattie said in a YouTube video she uploaded six months ago that she had been in love with Bella since she was 20.

Even in this video of her, Mattie went into great detail about Bella and the qualities that she finds most admirable. The combined films Mattie created and shared across all of her social media accounts show how much she and Bella admire one another.

Even Bella started to post reply videos pretty frequently, making videos with her that their followers adored. Fans adored this adorable pair and were always eager for them to post fresh videos of them slaying, cuddling, and adoring one other.

Bella and Mattie used to refer to one another as “them,” respecting each other’s sexuality and accepting them for who they were. Even the entire fandom now favours “they or them” over “he or she” because of their affection for one another. Viewers have been motivated to accept, appreciate, and respect love by Mattie and Bella.

Millions of Mattie and Bella fans, however, have been crushed by recent separation rumours because their breakup was totally unexpected considering that, up until last month, everything was going well and they were quite active on social media, posting their love videos. Are they really no longer together, or is this just a rumour?

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Bella and Mattie Split: All You Need To Know

are onlyjayus and mattie still together

Fans adored Mattie and Bella, one of the prettiest couples ever to exist in the world of social media influencers. Their love-themed videos consistently made viewers happy. Fans wanted to spend all of their time with them together and looked forward to seeing their new videos with them. But, Isabella and Mattie’s split is currently dominating social media.

Their breakup, which came after dating for more than a year, astonished both their fans and everyone else. While Mattie and Bella’s supporters continue to wish for their reconciliation, only time will tell whether or not they do.

Fans and Tik Tok users claim that Mattie betrayed Bella, which caused their relationship issues to worsen. Along with these interpersonal issues, Mattie is also dealing with criticism from the public since they believe Mattie cheated on Bella. Although nothing has been established as of yet, this entire situation has had an effect on Mattie’s fan base.

Fans of Mattie and Bella are presently loathing Mattie for what she could have done to Bella, and if they have actually split up, their supporters are very worried about Bella’s mental health. Although their breakup hasn’t been made public, supporters appear to have accepted it. Their admirers are in mourning, and they have begun to express it through edited versions of their earlier videos.

Everyone wants them to reconcile, but Bella and Mattie will ultimately decide whether to do so, and we must respect that. Some of the followers have already come to terms with their breakup, but some are still waiting for their official confirmation. Fans must wait for the pair to officially confirm any speculations about them splitting up or whether Mattie truly had an affair with Bella.