Both Rae and Jake Confirmed that They Are Not Currently Dating

The cast of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On officially concluded the first season on April 13 with a finale and a reunion special after an intense eight-week experiment that included two trial weddings.

While a few of the original couples decided to carry on their romances off-screen, one actor, Jake Cunningham, abandoned his first relationship in order to pursue his “trial wife.”

Jake abandoned his long-term relationship with April Marie Melohn in the Season 1 finale in favor of pursuing his romance with Rae (who had already split up with her first partner, Zay Wilson, in the eighth episode).

Fans questioned whether the couple remained together after the event when the veteran gave Rae a plane ticket to any place in the world.

The reunion special, which appeared on Netflix on April 13, featured a startling update from Jake and Rae on their current relationship.

Having completed the filming of “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,” are Rae and Jake still together?

are rae and jake still together

“You merit the entire world. You are entirely deserving. I hope I can provide that to you someday. I’m going to make a suggestion to you “During the eighth episode, Jake told Rae.

“two passes. somewhere on earth. Simply enjoying our lives, you and I.

Co-host Nick Lachey questioned the two about their final destination during the reunion. The journey, according to Rae, never took place.

Actually, Rae stated, “We didn’t go on a trip. “I believe we all kind of agreed that everyone needed more time to recover. And I thought it was quite rude to simply say, “OK, bye.” F—k you all. We made the decision to cancel the trip since we were just going to board a plane and fly somewhere.”

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Jake and Rae both disclosed that they are currently not romantically involved.

Rae had another startling revelation to give after disclosing the most recent information regarding the trip and her relationship with Jake: she gave her relationship with Zay another shot once filming was finished.

“At the end, our attempts to rectify the situation—which Zay and I made—failed. Nevertheless, we did attempt it “said Rae.

I made an effort to communicate with him more expressively, and I believe that after the performance, he improved his communication skills.

Rae now has a particular person in her life, despite the fact that she was unable to make things work with either Zay or Jake.

Following Her Experience on The Show, Rae Admitted that She Is Dating a Woman.

are rae and jake still together

For the first time in a few years, Jake and Zay are now adjusting to the single life, but Rae has started dating someone, not on the show.

Rae acknowledged that she had been seeing a woman since shortly after she formally ended her relationship with Zay.

Since Zay and I broke up, Rae said, “I’ve been with one person.” “She is incredible, and I felt a strong connection to her. However, we kind of kept things informal.

I’m sort of coming to terms with who I am and what my sexuality is, as I was for a very long time really uncomfortable with being bi. I’ve only been with one female since Zay and I broke up, and to be honest, that’s kind of been great.”

During the reunion, Rae kept her key relationship-related revelations to herself.

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In the Epilogue, Rae and Jake Seem to End up Together.

are rae and jake still together

To catch you up, Jake and Rae appeared on the show to put their romantic relationships to the test.

Rae was seeing Zay Wilson, while Jake was dating April Marie. The couples broke up and started dating new people to determine whether they were prepared for marriage.

Jake and Rae get along well and decide to move in together for a three-week “trial marriage” after bonding over shared interests such as their heritages and tight ties to their mothers.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jake discusses the level of closeness they experienced while dating. “Rae and I handled the incident with the utmost respect. Despite appearances, we did not engage in sexual activity. We only exchanged kisses. For the first five days of the performance, I slept in a different bed, “explained he.

They decide to invest in each other rather than in their previous relationships because their relationship seems to be doing well. After parting ways with their prior partners in the season finale, Jake declines April’s marriage demand.

Reuniting is Rae and Jake. Jake gives Rae a ticket that will take her anywhere in the world rather than a ring.

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The remorse Rae claimed she experienced for developing such a strong attachment with him during the show may have ultimately harmed their relationship. “As soon as I saw April and realized he had feelings for her, I felt terrible connecting with him. Just incredibly difficult for me, “She spoke to Insider.