Are Sam And Jordana Dating? Have A Look At Reality TV Stars’ Dating And Love Life

Sam And Jordana Are they dating

Sam Logan confirms to a fan that he and Jordana are in a romantic relationship on Instagram.

Sam (who dated Juliette Porter) responded to a fan, telling them that he is seeing his co-star Jordana Barnes (who he previously dated).

Fans of Siesta Key were curious about the relationship between Sam Logan and Jordana Barnes, and Sam confirmed that they are.

As of August, Sam and Juliette Porter were no longer together, but their breakup is just now being played out in season 4 of their MTV reality show, and it’s a catastrophe.

Despite Sam’s juvenile and attention-seeking actions on social media, many of the show’s viewers have taken Sam’s side.

While he tries to win back his ex-girlfriend by flaunting his current relationship with Meghan Bischoff on the show, he has been openly discussing his daily life with Jordana on social media.

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Since Sam and Jordana’s breakup, Juliette stated on social media, they’ve begun living together. Since they started dating some years ago, Siesta Key’s Jordana Brewster has claimed on Twitter that she has been waiting for them to separate.

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Fans were not surprised by this, as Jordana had a clear relationship and history with Sam when she first appeared on the programme, which alarmed Juliette right away.

A joke about making out with Sam during the cast’s private island vacation, where Juliette famously hit Kelsey across the face, was even made by Jordana.

As soon as Juliette and Sam decided to call it quits in Siesta Key, Jordana appeared ecstatic and began frequenting Sam’s residence.

After a few months of speculation, Sam and Jordana’s relationship has been confirmed on Instagram by the celebrity.

A Siesta Key cast member responded to a fan’s question about her relationship with Sam by posting a picture of herself on Instagram.

When Sam used an angel emoji in a comment, a follower immediately retorted, “You two are dating, right?”

The quick “Ya” from Sam was an emphatic response. If Sam’s comment was accurate, Jordana hasn’t confirmed it, although the two look quite close on Jordana’s Instagram stories.


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Fans tend to believe that Sam’s declaration of their relationship was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Another said, “I think he’s trolling y’all…he enjoys the attention.” Earlier in the day, Jordana had shared a story on Sam’s Instagram, saying that she was looking for a boyfriend and asking their fans to help her find one.

Sam will be joined on his podcast by his on-screen girlfriend, Meghan, in an upcoming episode.

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However, Sam and Jordana had known one other for years and could have taken the next step in their relationship had they been on Siesta Key.

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Since the second half of season 4 began, Sam has been a social media troll, but he and Jordana have had an undeniable attraction to one another.

He’s clearly having a good time playing the bad guy with Jordana as the fans back Juliette’s decision to break up with him.

Others are right to wonder whether he’s just tease them since he knows it will have Siesta Key fans talking about his connection with Jordana. Juliette might chime in and reveal the truth, as she always does, if she wants to.

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