Shekeb and Laila Are Driving The “I Love a Mama’s Boy star crazy”: Are They Still Together?

On Sunday night, TLC’s I Love a Mama’s Boy made a dramatic return.

After their heated exchange this week, it appears that Emily and Shekeb’s relationship is over forever. Shekeb’s suggestion that Emily and Laila move in together caused their relationship to deteriorate. Shekeb eventually came to the conclusion that Emily was acting “b*t***t crazy.”

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Shakeb And Emily Relationship In The Current Episodes

I Don’t Even Like Your Mom, the eleventh episode of I Love a Mama’s Boy, featured Shekeb making one final attempt to mend the relationship between his mother and his girlfriend. But things didn’t work out the way he had hoped.

Shekeb revealed that his relationship with Emily was deteriorating daily and that he had therefore chosen to take her out so they could try to patch things up. Shekeb told Emily while they were out that he understood her perspective and that his mother made a mistake by inviting Yussra to dinner.

are shekeb and emily still together


Shekeb was informed by Emily that getting married would be the only way for things to settle down. Shekeb revealed, however, that getting married was not the right decision and was actually a recipe for disaster during his confessional.

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Emily And Laila Will Live Together In ‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’

The I Love a Mama’s Boy actor made the decision to take Emily to his mother’s house later that evening. Shekeb revealed that he had a plan to end all the drama, even though he hadn’t told his mother that Emily was coming over. Shekeb said during his confession,

“I really want to make this plan work, and this is my last ditch effort.”
Laila was startled when she saw Emily enter her home. She directly questioned her son about what was happening and what was on his mind. The I Love a Mama’s Boy actor revealed to his mother what he had been contemplating since his previous visit and said:

“I miss our meetings. I feel at home here. I had many life and future planning thoughts while I was staying here, and as you are aware, Emily has been awaiting your approval. She hopes to get married someday. With someone else, I don’t see myself starting over.”

Shekeb then told his mother that he was content with his current situation. Additionally, he claimed that his mother and girlfriend do not get along because they have not had much interaction. Consequently, he thought of the idea of Emily, Shekeb, and Laila sharing a home.

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Fans Reaction On Shakeb Claiming No One Blame Emily

Twitter users argued that Emily needed to let Shekeb go and move on. Others simply referred to Shekeb as a “idiot,” while others added that they didn’t hold her responsible for how she responded.
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About The Show

In a very different kind of love triangle, women who date extreme mama’s boys find that their relationships are threatened by their boyfriends’ overbearing mothers! Fan response to the programme:

“I enjoy watching. I adore mama’s boys, but the women who stay with these boys drive me crazy. NOT boys, men. Mama will not be removed, and this is abnormal. Bette Davis resembles Robert’s mother in what transpired to infant Jane. I’m not sure who applies her makeup, but they should be fired. Kelly is a drunk who consistently consumes wine. The wig appears uncombed and dirty, making mom look like she put the front door mat on her head. And the fathers—where the hell are they? Don’t tell me they think it’s okay, please!”