The Relationship Status Of The ‘Islanders’ Mitchell and Tina- All You Need To Know!

Who Are Mitchell Hibbard And Tina Provis

Mitchell Hibberd is a famous professional football player from Australia. He was born on 23rd September 1996 to Tasmanian entrepreneur and former Clarence Club Legend Michael Hibberd. Mitchell was born and raised in Tasmania. After discovering his love for football, Mitchell shifted to Melbourne to pursue a career in football. He was drafted to play in the Australian Football League (AFL) in the year 2015.

Tina Provis is an Australian Social Media star who works with various brands and endorses them on her social media accounts. According to her friends, Tina is a talented girl who’s funny and smart and at the same time emotionally strong. She is a part of the show Love Island and is considered one of the most popular Islanders of the show. Tina was born and raised in Sydney, which makes her love for beaches quite evident.

are tina and mitch still together

When did the Couple start dating?

Tina and Mitchell began dating on the show ‘Love Island’ when they both were participants of the show in 2021, which they ultimately won. Initially things were going great for the couple, but things started going south when the heartthrob of the show, Emily Ward entered the show. The couple had a rough ride here after when Mitchell turned his head for Emily.

The Breakup!

The couple have split up once before on the show as well, but they rekindled their romance soon after. They broke up on the show, but both of them remained friends and still had love and respect for each other. Soon after the split, the duo was seen coming back together towards the end of the show where they were declared the winners. They called it quits in February 2022.

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The couple hitched for the second time after re-entering the villa where they coupled up with the other Islanders. This shocked their viewers and fans equally. 

are tina and mitch still together

What Happened After The Split?

A lot of time has passed since Tina and Mitch have left the show, and the couple found it very difficult to continue their relationship long distance. According to Tina: “From the time that we left the villa, Mitch and I have continued to see how things are going and he’s come to Sydney and I’ve gone to Melbourne.”

Tina has revealed her current relationship status, and she is single at the moment.

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Adding to her official statement, Tina also added : “We’re not seeing each other anymore. I think Mitch and I have always been in each other’s lives and still remained friends. There’s no bad blood between us or anything at all. So I think in that sense, you know, never say never but for this time, I think the chapter’s definitely closed.”