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Tom and Raquel: Are They Still Together in 2023? The News that Broke up Recently Is True? Find out Now!

are tom and raquel still together

Nothing more than #Scandoval has the Bravoverse’s attention. After nine years of dating, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix broke up on March 3, according to TMZ, when she found out he had an extramarital affair with Raquel Leviss, a co-star on Vanderpump Rules.

Since then, Bravo fans have been following the whole cast’s Instagram postings and interview statements in an effort to reconstruct the course of their relationship. Uncertainty surrounds whether Sandoval and Leviss will continue to be together in the wake of their controversy, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns.

According to Page Six, Sandoval and Leviss had been “communicating improperly for months” prior to Madix learning about their trysts. James Kennedy, who is also their co-star and was Leviss’ ex-fiance, stated in a direct message to the Instagram gossip account

DeuxMoi that the relationship started in July 2022, around the same time as production on the show’s tenth season got underway, but the date has not been verified. They apparently now “want to be together,” according to a source who spoke with Page Six.

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Fans have also discovered that Leviss and Sandoval have been sporting identical lightning bolt necklaces lately. His pendant was also seen in the Pump Rules Season 10 promotional images. Although the significance of these necklaces hasn’t been made clear, people are guessing that they represent their dedication to one another. Sandoval’s lone statement made no mention of her or Madix, and Leviss has yet to make a public remark on the reports.

To defend his co-star and business partner Tom Schwartz and his recently launched restaurant Schwartz & Sandy’s, Sandoval spoke out about the incident for the first time on March 5 exclusively. Look, I absolutely comprehend and am deserving of your rage, but spare Schwartz, my friends, and family from this dilemma, he pleaded.

Schwartz, in particular, was only later made aware of this and categorically did not support my behavior. As “there are 3 other partners and 20 staff” who depend on the firm for a living, he pleaded with fans not to aim their resentment or hostility towards Schwartz & Sandy’s. “Sorry for everything,” he wrote at the end of his letter, addressing it to no one in particular.

On March 5, Sandoval was seen making a late-night visit to Leviss’ residence, giving the impression that they were still devoted to one another. But, his representative claimed to TMZ that he was only there to film an episode of Vanderpump Rules, casting doubt on the status of their relationship.

Sandoval and Madix had become “one of my greatest friends lately,” according to Leviss, who revealed this in a recently-rediscovered interview dated July 2022. She remarked at the time, “He simply is so in touch with himself, is absolutely accepting of who he is, and is so confident.

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“I feel like he supports me in a really caring way and treats me like a little sister,” the speaker said. He’s a genuinely kind man, too. Pump Rules Season 10, which recently debuted on February 8, will feature the drama as a source tells Bustle that Bravo is already filming the fallout from the controversy.

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