Did Ariana Madix Undergo Plastic Surgery? Unveiling the Secrets Behind Her Stunning Transformation

Television personality, bartender, actress, model, and co-author of a book on alcoholic beverage creation, Ariana Madix hails from the United States. She appears in the Vanderpump Rules reality television series on Bravo.

Madix was raised by her mother Tanya and her father Jim after being born on June 24, 1985, in Melbourne, Florida. Her early years were tumultuous, according to a Radar Online story. She started horseback riding when she was 6 years old and competed in the sport. She also took home two national dancing titles.

In 2003, she received her high school diploma from Eau Gallie. She earned two bachelor’s degrees from Flagler College in 2007: one in theatre and one in broadcasting. While attending college, she worked as costumed characters at Disney World, including Ariel, Cinderella, and Aurora.

Did Ariana Madix Undergo Plastic Surgery?

ariana madix plastic surgery

Ariana Madix, a star of Vanderpump Rules, has been transparent about her experiences getting cosmetic surgery over the years. The reality star has even made it clear which seasons of the program viewers can watch to see the job she had done.

The former SUR bartender responded to a follower’s query about when she last had injectables during a round of true-or-false questions on Instagram in January 2021.

“I DON’T have any [Botox] or fillers,” Ariana spelled out. “I haven’t done anything at all for years.” The blond beauty did admit, though, that she had previously dabbled with injectables and was able to fast move over any outcomes she didn’t like.

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ariana madix plastic surgery

“Many individuals are unaware that [fillers] all have a three-month lifespan. Meaning that there won’t be any long-term consequences if someone tries it and decides it’s not for them. It’s metabolized by your body, Ariana wrote.

During Vanderpump Rules season 5, “[I] tried Botox on camera, but it never aired. It just wasn’t for me since I felt claustrophobic in my own face, she said. Ariana, however, has undergone very light lip injections. “I’ve gotten 0.5 ml… a few times to smooth out the deep wrinkles I have, and any more than that makes me look crazy.”

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Ariana’s Secret to A Jaw-Dropping Transformation

ariana madix plastic surgery

However, the fillers just go into her lips; nothing is injected into her face. I have never had fillers performed elsewhere since I no longer want to have my face inflated, said Ariana.

The actress has discovered non-surgical solutions to address other aspects of her face that bother her. After admitting on a Vanderpump Rules episode that she didn’t “have a jawline,” Ariana underwent Kybella injections to help with her chin area.

In August 2019, Ariana’s physician, renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller, revealed to Bravo’s The Lookbook that he had altered her neck and jawline using a procedure known as Ellevate.