Ariana Madix Was Spotted Kissing a New Man at Coachella, and Tom Sandoval Claims He Is “Really Happy” for Her

Over the weekend, Ariana Madix was seen kissing fitness expert Daniel Wei at a music event. In the aftermath of his romance with their Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval is happy to see ex-Ariana Madix moving on.

Following the publication of pictures showing Madix canoodling with fitness influencer Daniel Wei over the weekend at Coachella, the 40-year-old reality star told TMZ he was “really happy” for Madix.

He said, “Yes,” when asked if he had seen the images of Madix leaving the music event. I adore that. Madix, 37, was having fun at the California music event, a source previously told the media.

The insider claimed, “Ariana just ended a protracted relationship and isn’t rushing into anything serious.” “What you’re seeing is a single woman having fun,” she said.

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Ariana Madix Was Spotted Kissing a New Man at Coachella, and Tom Sandoval Claims He Is "Really Happy" for Her

Instagram showed a picture of Madix hanging out with Wei. Additionally, he included Madix in a photo of the two of them getting ready for Frank Ocean’s Sunday night headliner performance. Then TMZ released a video of the couple kissing during the headlining act’s performance.

Madix’s new romance comes a little over a month after she and Sandoval called it quits on their nine-year union due to his extramarital liaison with Leviss.

Two weeks following the breakup, Madix posted a message to Instagram saying, “To say I have been saddened and shattered is an understatement. I am aware, though, that I am not in this situation alone. My closest friends are currently hurting from this betrayal on so many levels and grieving this loss as well.

Then she said, “Whatever doesn’t kill me better run.” The 28-year-old Leviss and Sandoval have both apologized for their roles in the affair. To discuss the effects of their affair, all parties will participate in the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

The individuals who are promoting his affair the most are, you know, the squad of it all, according to Sandoval, who also appears to have singled out his female VPR co-stars for doing so.

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Ariana Madix Was Spotted Kissing a New Man at Coachella, and Tom Sandoval Claims He Is "Really Happy" for Her

I don’t know, guy, when I asked Leviss how she was doing after she attended a “voluntary facility for mental health counseling” last week. There is no commentary on it. According to her rep, Leviss checked into a facility in Arizona, a plan she had been thinking about for some time.

“Raquel and her family decided that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counseling before the relationship was discovered,” her spokeswoman told PEOPLE. She was supposed to attend the pre-reunion, but she changed her mind because she still had filming to do. The producers at Bravo were aware of and supportive of her efforts to improve her mental health.

Her representative stated that she is not enrolled in a “rehab” program, but rather in one that focuses on “mental health and trauma therapy.”