Armie Hammer- Cut Off from Family Dynasty Due to Financial Difficulties!

Armie Hammer is no longer a part of the family lineage that his great-grandfather Armand Hammer founded.

The actor is reportedly working in the Cayman Islands as a timeshare salesman. A source informed People of the actor’s situation: “His parents won’t support him anymore and he’s been cut off, so he got to work.
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Armie’s well may have run dry after the “cannibal” controversy that placed him in rehab, but the Hammer family is still living large thanks to great-grandad Armand, who built Occidental Petroleum into a multibillion-dollar oil corporation in the 1950s and ran it from 1957 until his death in 1990.

According to Jay Epstein’s “Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer,” published in 1996, the businessman was personally implicated in a number of controversies, from money laundering to Soviet espionage.
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In the end, Michael, Armie’s father, took over the company from his own son Julian and continued to administer the Armand Hammer Foundation, the Hammer International Foundation, and other family-named organizations.

Armie Hammer- Cut Off from Family Dynasty Due to Financial Difficulties!

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Following claims that his client was employed in the Cayman Islands, Armie’s lawyer Andrew Brettler told Page Six on Friday that he was unable to “confirm or refute the report because Armie hasn’t addressed it. I simply find it unfortunate that the media is making fun of him for having a “regular job” if he is selling timeshares.

Along with the rumored new job, a source close to the disgraced “Calls Me by Your Name” actor told Vanity Fair that Robert Downey Jr. secretly paid for Tomas Hammer’s six-month stay at a Florida rehabilitation center and has allowed Hammer and his family to stay at his home to escape recent media scrutiny.

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