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Army Selca Day: How To Pose with Your Favorite K-Pop Singer & Celebrate Bts on Twitter?

Army Selca Day: How To Pose with Your Favorite K-Pop Singer & Celebrate Bts on Twitter?

K-pop group BTS and its followers all over the world share a unique connection. One of the best fandoms any band could want for is BTS’s devoted following, known as the ARMY. These supporters never fail to show their love and support for their favorite K-pop musicians.

Numerous fandoms from all around the world commemorate ARMY Selca Day each year to highlight this unique bond with the BTS boys. Here is something you need to know if you’re curious about what it is and how to get involved.

What Is a Selca?

Selfies are referred to as selcas in Korean slang, which is the word for the front camera.

K-Pop fans frequently substitute this word for the English equivalent while discussing images captured by Korean musicians online. Taking and posting selfies to your timeline is a common Twitter practice known as Selca Days.

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When Does ARMY Celebrate Selca Day?

Army Selca Day is not observed on a certain day each year. On the first Tuesday of every month, many fandoms commemorate this. A fanbase known as Block B launched it in 2011. Also read: Jung Ho-J-Hope Seok’s is The Palette, according to BTS Army IU’s Palette opens to the Lollapalooza Setlist.

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What Is Army Selca Day on Twitter?

Fans of the Korean boy band BTS are known as ARMY, in case you weren’t aware.

On Twitter, group fans celebrate ARMY Selca Day by posting a photo of themselves and a picture of their favorite BTS member.

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The goal is to create a picture that is as close to the artist’s as possible.ARMY Every month, on the first Tuesday, is Selca Day. On Twitter, there is a timetable that indicates when Selca Day will be celebrated by various fan organizations. By typing the name of the band or artist followed by “Selca Day,” you may find each Selca day.

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