American rapper And Record Producer Asap Rocky Controversy About Remarks Against Ferguson Missouri Protests

Asap Rocky Controversy

At issue are A$AP Rocky’s inflammatory remarks made about Ferguson in 2015.
Remarks made by the artist in 2016 were previously rehashed by him in tweets in 2016.

A$AP A year after he sparked controversy with his remarks regarding the Ferguson, Missouri protests and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, Rocky has returned to the subject.

“I don’t understand why I need to feel forced” to write about the protests and disturbances that followed the police shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson in August 2014,” he said in a September 2015 interview with Time Out.

Out of jail, ASAP Rocky thanks fans — and the Swedish court that freed him  - Los Angeles Times

There is no way I’m going to tell that I went down there and threw rocks at motherfuckers and was pepper-sprayed.” If I said otherwise, I’d be telling the truth. Is it my race that makes a difference? Whoa, am I now Al Sharpton??” In an interview with Time Out, Rocky stated this.

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The rapper known by his stage name A$AP Rocky is here. As he continued, “I did not sign up to be a political activist. I live in f—-ing Soho and Beverly Hills.” I’m not able to understand what you’re going through. Harlem has changed since I last visited. What a tragic tale. “I’m sorry, but I have to be honest.”

After Rocky’s statements emerged online in 2016, he drew more criticism, including from members of the Black Lives Matter movement who criticized his choice of words and his failure to apologize.

Kerwin Frost — Blog — FRNDY LMRN

A recent video interview with YouTuber Kerwin Frost reveals that Rocky still feels the repercussions of his Ferguson statements while he was in prison in Sweden.

“I thought I dealt with that in the past, and just to be in jail and hear people still trying to stir up some odd things…” he said, recalling his time in prison.

When asked about rapping on issues with which he was not directly involved, “I think it is inappropriate that I rap about things that I did not help with,” he replied.

As Rocky went on, “I felt like J. Cole went down to Ferguson and he was actually on the news and he helped. He deserved to rap about it, in my opinion.

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I feel like I can’t talk about that if you ask me that in SoHo or here in 2015,” he says. That’s… appropriating… It’s not genuine. It’s conceited.

Five months after his arrest and incarceration in Sweden, Rocky made a surprise return to the country last month to perform a gig.

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