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Ashley Benson Is Dating Brandon Davis, and They Are ‘very Social People,’ According to A Source.

Ashley Benson Is Dating Brandon Davis: They Are 'Very Social People,' Says Source

She’d make an excellent Pretty Little Heiress. Ashley Benson is rumored to be dating Brandon Davis, grandson of oil magnate Marvin Davis.

While it’s unclear how long the couple has been dating, a source told Individuals on Friday that “they have a lot of similar acquaintances and are both incredibly fun and very social people.”

Despite remaining silent about their relationship on social media, it appears Benson and Davis, 43, aren’t trying to hide their love as they’ve been sighted together several times in recent weeks.

Most recently, the “Pretty Little Liars” star, 33, and Davis went on a double date in Los Angeles with Emma Roberts and her boyfriend, Cody John.

The foursome got along well as they spoke and smoked a cigarette outside a restaurant before going inside to eat.

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The newlyweds were also seen sitting courtside at a basketball game and at a friend’s birthday party.

Benson’s new connection comes after her on-again, off-again relationship with rapper G-Eazy ended.

The reported couple has been seen together several times in the last month.
Brandon Davis and Ashley Benson at a basketball game.

The reported couple has been seen together several times in the last month. The now-exes, who began dating in 2020, were last seen together at an Oscars party in 2022.

Although the twosome “appeared very much in love,” according to sources, their romance seemed to have fizzled out shortly after.

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Benson dated Cara Delevingne for two years before her relationship with the rapper.

Benson opened out to Cosmopolitan UK on why she typically keeps her dating life quiet after experiencing heat for moving on with G-Eazy just one month after her split from the model.

“The most irritating aspect is having to sit back and remain quiet while everyone gossips about you and you have to cope with it,” she explained. “People can say whatever they want about me, but you don’t really know anything unless you know me.”

“I normally keep my personal connections secret,” she went on. “You certainly can’t avoid being photographed together. [However], it’s more sacred that way.

Those private times are for you and your spouse, and I believe it is best not to be over-exposed. You can truly safeguard your connection if you don’t exploit it.”

The oil heir, who has a bad boy reputation in Hollywood, has dated a number of celebrities, including “The O.C.” star Mischa Barton, model Brittny Gastineau, and Paris Hilton.

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