Update on Asur Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and everything you need to know!

Gaurav Shukla, Vibhav Shikdar, and others have created Asur Season 2, a Hindi-language crime suspense thriller television series. Oni Sen is the producer of the Asur Season 2 Web Series. The second season of Asur, which will be produced by Ding Entertainment and Viacom 18 Studios.

Asur will become the most well-known collection on the Indian OTT platform, earning it a positive reputation over time. This Indian net collection may face a serious battle from Asur.

Asur Season 2 Release Date

In the first quarter of 2022, Asur Season 2 will be available only on Voot.

Will Asur be renewed for a second season?

Yes, Asur is back for a second season, which has been highly awaited! The highly anticipated psychological thriller Asur 2 has began filming with Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti, the principal actors from the first season.

Asur’s second season is being promoted as yet another captivating drama that will keep fans captivated, aroused, and engaged.


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“I am thrilled to start filming again,” Arshad Warsi, who plays Dhananjay Singh in Asur 2, said. Asur is one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me in terms of my job.

It was my digital debut, and following a huge success with season 1, I’m excited to see how our upcoming season is received.

The entire team is pumped and eager to take Season 2 to the next level as we begin shooting again. After a successful first season, there is always a sense of pressure and trepidation. But that’s the best kind of pressure because it pushes you to improve and brings out the best in everyone.”


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Is Asur Season 2 going to be released on a specific date?

Asur is not just Voot’s but also one of the top-rated Hindi web series, with an IMDB rating of 8.5. We expected the second season to be released quickly after the first, given its success. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the second season was postponed.

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Everything eventually started on July 16, 2021. For the second season, Varanasi, Manali, and Delhi were selected as filming sites. In January 2022, Barun Sobti wrapped filming for the second season.


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 Members of the Asur Season 2 Cast: With the exception of the characters who died in the first season, the major star cast would remain the same. Sharib Hashmi, who played officer Lolark Dubey in the first season, died.

Here’s a look at who’s in the cast:

Arshad Warsi portrays Dhananjay Rajput.
Barun Sobti portrays Nikhil Nair.
Anupriya Goenka portrays Naina Nair.
Ridhi Dogra portrays Nusrat Saeed.
Amey Wagh portrays Rasool.
Shaikh Pawan Chopra portrays Shashank Awasthi.
Shubh is played by Vishesh Bansal.
Shaikh Nishant Verma portrays Samarth Ahuja.


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Several new characters are expected to appear in the second season, according to rumours.

Adithi Kalkunte, Meiyang Chang, Ajoy Chakraborty, Vikaas Suryavanshi, and Barkha Sengupta have joined the cast, according to the latest reports.

Season 2 of Asur’s Plot

The premise revolves around Nikhil Nair, a judicial expert, and his FBI training; Barun Sobti plays the part of Nikhil Nair.

The alternate fundamental lead is Dr. Dhananjay Rajpoot, a legal officer. According to reports, the two prosecutors were hired to track down a serial killer who kills for spiritual reasons.

This program explores the tension between the precise and the horrific, as well as its implications for human justice and inequality. So yet, Asur has only produced one season, but a second is in the works. Eight episodes from the first season were considered for the Voot Originals series.



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 Even if the two people suspected of being Shubh are captured, the Asur net sequence has a good chance of appearing in another season.

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It is alleged, however, that the real Shubh was not captured. Rasool, a current member of the CBI team, was revealed to be Shubh’s true identity.

Shubh has declared that the conflict will continue despite the death of Sharib Hashmi. He is said to have a huge number of accomplices who will do whatever he asks.


When the reporter emerges from the gasoline chamber, she kills another person, as seen at the end. Furthermore, the woman who is caring for Nikhil’s child is almost certainly poisoning the youngster.

Asur Season 2 Release Date

As a result, season one’s horrific ending suggests that season two will undoubtedly showcase Asur’s conflict on a huge scale.

Dhananjay is suspended, and Nikhil holds him responsible for the death of his daughter, stating that Dhananjay’s earlier faults caused him to lose his child.

As a result, the following season might see Dhananjay apologising or a fight between Nikhil and Dhananjay. Sharib Hashmi was killed in the end, and Nushrat was built. As a result, there’s a chance the CBI group will set a new cast record.


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