At the Queen’s Funeral, Camilla Asked Kate Middleton to ‘Take Charlotte Away’!

Fans of the royal family are discussing a brief incident where Camilla, Queen Consort, reportedly lost her cool with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children. On September 19th, at the state burial for Queen Elizabeth II, the moment occurred.

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Princess Charlotte, it seems, was getting restless after a long morning of funeral ceremonies when the Royal Family gathered at Wellington Arch to observe the transfer of the Queen’s casket from the Gun Carriage to the hearse.

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The Daily Star reports that a lip reader heard the brief exchange and deduced that Camila told Kate to “take her,” presumably referring to Princess Charlotte.

At the Queen's Funeral, Camilla Asked Kate Middleton to 'Take Charlotte Away'!

According to Geo. tv, Queen Elizabeth II was visibly irritated when she saw Charlotte yell “ow!” when her brother, Prince George, pinched her.

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Later, while her great-coffin grandmother was being driven away, Princess Charlotte became very upset. Her mother swiftly rushed to reassure her.

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The young princess and her older brother, Prince George, attended their grandmother’s burial. Prince Louis, the youngest at age 4, did not join his family for the ceremony.

At the Queen's Funeral, Camilla Asked Kate Middleton to 'Take Charlotte Away'!

Both were respectful and subdued throughout Monday morning’s somber event (September 19th). People report that the Queen gave Charlotte a diamond horseshoe brooch because the two women have a mutual appreciation for equines.

As their parents led the way down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, Prince George and Princess Charlotte followed after. The new king, Charles, the queen’s only child, Princess Anne, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle were all in attendance.