Auntie Diaries Lyrics Controversy- Fans Are Divided About a New Song About Trans ‘auntie’!

auntie diaries lyrics controversy

“Auntie Diaries” by Kendrick Lamar is a profound song because it tackles a topic that has been a source of contention since the dawn of time: homosexuality. Of course, in terms of said conduct, it’s safe to state that we live in a period where it’s more acceptable than it’s ever been. Homosexuality has become so prevalent in nations like the United States that it’s nearly difficult not to be touched by it.

This is true, for example, of several K-uncles. Dot’s They’re upset because one of their siblings has opted to shift from male to female. It’s unclear whether Kendrick’s aunt performed surgery or anything else irreversibly changing. But, more importantly, she has chosen to live as a guy. And, as the second verse implies, Auntie has been like this since Kendrick was a youngster.

Lamar, on the other hand, seemed to be unconcerned by it. Kendrick has gotten accustomed to his aunt’s behavior because she has been this way for the majority of his life. He likes his aunt and uncle nonetheless. And, in his opinion, his uncles are hating on him because his aunt, now that she is a guy, is able to attract more ladies than they are.

auntie diaries lyrics controversy

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Demetrius Switches to “Mary-Ann” Mode

But, going back to how homosexuality has been seen throughout history, accepting a woman who ‘eats p–sy’ (as K-Dot puts it) is more tolerable than accepting a man who sleeps with other men. With the focus now on cousin Demetrius, who has transformed into “Mary-Ann,” the entire family is “in disbelief” in the third stanza.

However, part of the explanation is that they had no idea he was gay. K-Dot, on the other hand, was able to recognize the signs. So, while he might have been tempted to chastise homosexuals in his youth under normal circumstances, he knew to keep his mouth shut when Demetrius was around.

Demetrius did, in fact, undergo surgery for gender reassignment earlier in the days of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, as mentioned in the fourth verse. And, as expected, his friendship with Kendrick has evolved since then.

To be clear, Lamar has known this person his entire life, long before he came out of the closet. And he remembered how the church looked down on his cousin because of his homosexuality.

But, according to Dot, Demetrius was actually more religious than the straight males, including himself. As though the vocalist is stating something along the lines of the church’s priorities being skewed, i.e. focusing more on a person’s outside than his interior.

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Or, at the very least, based on Kendrick’s own interpretation of the Bible and Christianity, the church did not respond to Demetrius – or Lamar, his cousin – in a Christ-like manner as a result of this incident.

Finally, Their Family Accepts Them

The family appears to be chilling right now. The inference is that even the uncles who were previously mentioned have come to embrace their LGBT relatives. Indeed, things were so casual that Kendrick was able to openly use the word “fa-got” in front of Demetrius for a while.

However, his relative double-checked him on this. Demetrius did so by reminding K-Dot of the time he publicly chastised a non-Black fan for using the N-word. And, as a result of his cousin’s analogy, Lamar has grown to appreciate the general power of colloquialisms, which are acceptable in some groups but objectionable in others.

“Auntie Diaries” Is a Work of Art

Understandably, “Auntie Diaries” has gotten a lot of press. This has to be the first song in which a rapper addresses homosexuality throughout the song. When compared to other hip-hop songwriters, lyricists like Kendrick Lamar have that talent. He not only has the capacity to stay focused on a single issue, but he can also cover topics that not every other rapper is covering.

However, in terms of the underlying sentiment, labeling this song as a supporter or advocate of homosexuality may be a stretch.

Kendrick did accept Demetrius’ transition, but it’s not like he promoted it. Reading between the lines, the actual points being made are that, under normal conditions, K-Dot may not be too keen on entertaining homosexuals, especially gay males. But he knows from experience that the power of love outweighs the power of discrimination.

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auntie diaries lyrics controversy

In other words, having a few LGBT relatives has demonstrated to the vocalist that he is not the sort to take a biased stance to the point of ostracising a loved one. And the implication, given how the family eventually accepted these people, is that such a nonjudgmental attitude, especially when it comes to people you know and care about, is more or less human nature, i.e. it’s tough to hate on someone you love for a long time.





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