Aura Bora Net Worth: The Post-Shark Tank Journey of Aura Bora!!

Shark Tank viewers are aware that businesses in the food and beverage sectors rarely close transactions. Many Sharks would prefer to stay away from this fiercely competitive market than engage in a fight for shelf space with current rivals. 

But occasionally, incredible food or drink products do come to market, and the Sharks can’t help but seize the opportunity to be a part of them. That was unquestionably the case when Aura Bora made her television debut in season 12 of the program. 

Aura Bora, which positioned itself as a distinctive sparkling water brand made from herbs, fruits, and flowers, was prepared to revolutionize the seltzer market. Let’s look at what has happened to Aura Bora since it appeared on Shark Tank. 

What Is Aura Bora?

aura bora net worth

Paul Voge and Maddie Voge claimed that a delicious concoction of vegetables, fruits, and herbs was used to make their beverage. It comes in tastes including peppermint watermelon, cactus rose, and lavender cucumber.

The Sharks agreed after tasting Aura Bora that it was excellent. Entrepreneur couple Paul and Maddie Voge were prepared to present the Sharks with a chance they couldn’t refuse when they went on the show to sell Aura Bora. They had done their homework, and their company had already started to gain traction. 

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The Net Worth and Founders of Aura Bora 

aura bora net worth

Aura Bora is thought to be worth $20 million. Aura Bora’s market value is very high. In the American market for sparkling waters, there is a huge demand for Aura Bora’s product since consumers like it.

This item is offered in quantity on the internet; one case, which costs $30, comprises 12 cans of Sparkling Water.

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The couple is one of Aura Bora’s co-founders. Paul Voge is the name of the husband, while Madeleine Voge is the name of the wife. They together founded this business.

Paul completed his undergraduate studies in political science at the University of California, Los Angeles. Paul founded Aura Bora Startup in 2019 following his graduation; he serves as its co-founder and CEO.

Aura Bora: Post-Shark Tank Success and Growth

aura bora net worth

Robert signed a deal with Aura Bora on the show, and it was a huge success. After the show, it also amassed 10,000+ fans, and a tick confirmed it. Their collaboration with Robert Herjevic led to the total success of their business.

It is safe to assume that since leaving Shark Tank, the business has prospered. They’ve been successful in inking agreements with some well-known retailers, and their fan base has expanded. 

It has grown from 500 to 1200 retail locations with the help of 7-11, Amazon, and other top marketers. He made sure that their goods could be found at places like Walmart and Target.

Since the beginning, it has become more popular. The agreement made on the show has been luring investors to the company even after it was concluded. It has received about $2 million in investments and was cited at a conference as being utilized for hiring new employees and fostering brand expansion. 

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Additionally, it is focusing on D2C channels. Investors include the likes of artist Marley Williams, actor Scott Eastwood, consumer goods accelerator SKU, and CPG-focused venture capital fund Balanced Breakfast, to whom Paul Voge extends his gratitude. 

On Amazon, it has a five-star rating and a comment referring to it as the “Perfect Drink.” Although it is a bit pricy, consumers adore this product and are willing to pay for its distinctive flavor.