Austen Kroll Dating- What’s Going on Between Austen and Olivia in “Southern Charm?”

who is austen kroll dating

Actor Austen Kroll, star of “Southern Charm,” is ready to move on from his past relationships and welcome new love into his life. Kroll confirmed to Us Weekly in May 2022 that Olivia Flowers, a cast member of the show, was his new girlfriend at the time.

In the opinion of Kroll, she’s a real snag. That’s what he told them: “She comes from a respectable family, which speaks volumes about her character. You know, she’s extremely kind, but she’s got a spine.” According to Screen Rant, the two have been dating since the fall of 2021.

Taylor Ann Green, another cast member, posted an Instagram photo of Kroll and Flowers together in December 2021.

Kroll did reveal, however, that the relationship began as a platonic one. His cryptic statement to Us Weekly hinted at an on-screen appearance “You’ll be able to tell where it all begins and where it all ends by looking. While I’m trying to figure it out, there are definitely ups and downs.” Is the star of Bravo keeping some of her personal life under wraps?

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Austen Kroll’s Girlfriend: Who Is She?

When it comes to Season 8 of Southern Charm, it’s possible to learn more about Olivia and Austen’s relationship. There’s a lot of speculation about whether or not Austen and Ciara are still together after Summer House, or if they split up because of his steamy on-screen encounter with Lindsay earlier in the season.

who is austen kroll dating

Ciara and Austen struck up a friendship while vacationing in Vermont on Winter House, much to Lindsay’s displeasure. He is currently unattached.

What’s Going on Between Austen and Olivia in Season 8 of “Southern Charm?”

Speculation about Austen and Olivia’s relationship began before she was cast in the eighth season of Southern Charm. When their co-star Taylor Ann Green posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram in December 2021, it sparked some discussion among her followers.

At a Trop Hop release party, Taylor, Olivia, and Austen posed in front of a step and repeat with Taylor’s boyfriend, Shep Rose.

Later, when Taylor went to Napa with Shep, Austen, and Olivia, she posted another photo from their trip to the valley in less than five months’ time. Olivia and Austen were pictured holding hands in a single photograph.

The Two Couples Appeared to Be on A Vacation Together

Austen confirmed to Us Weekly in May 2022 that he was dating Olivia during the NBCUniversal upfront presentation in May of that year. The two had known each other for about a year and a half before they became romantically involved, he said.

When asked how much of their relationship would be shown on the show, Austen teased, “You will certainly see where it begins, then how it ends.” I’m experiencing some ups and downs as I try to figure out what’s going on. Olivia and Taylor are close friends, which makes traveling with the foursome a breeze, according to Shep.

Shep gushed about Austen’s new ladylove, saying, “I love it.” “Olivia is Taylor’s favorite character. Napa was a great opportunity for us all to act like idiots together, and [the women] could commiserate with us about our foolishness.”

It appears that Olivia Flowers had some choice words for Austen Kroll’s ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy in her recent interview.

Flowers’ Instagram is full of pictures of her having a good time with her friends and going on vacation, but she isn’t afraid to deal with controversy, which is a necessity for any reality TV star. Kendall Kroll’s exed Madison LeCroy stirred the pot in an Instagram post in June 2022, writing: “I’d rather be a homegirl than an uninteresting girl.” in response to the post.

who is austen kroll dating

Us reports that LeCroy was retaliating against Flowers for calling her a “homegirl.” The following day, Flowers shared an Instagram story photo of herself relaxing and munching on Doritos. She then added the following words: “Is that what you’re referring to? Homebody is a better word.”

So, who exactly is this brand-new “Southern Charm” star on the rise? Us Weekly reports that Olivia Flowers grew up in Charleston and Dallas. Before the pandemic, she had returned to her hometown of Charleston after relocating from Los Angeles, where she had discovered her reality TV show calling.

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Flowers, according to her Instagram, is a Clemson University alumna who loves movie quotes and Elvis Presley. She uploaded a video and a picture of Austin Butler in Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis” in February 2022. By writing “Bio-Dramas give every generation a feel for the impact legends like Elvis made in this world, through cinematic time travel,” she expressed her love for the rock ‘n-roll icon and oldies music.

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