Who Is Austin Reaves New Girlfriend? Get the Inside Scoop on His Latest Love Interest!

Basketball player Austin Reaves, who presently competes for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, is a rising star in the sport. He is well-known for his exceptional court prowess, which includes his long-range shooting prowess and his superb ball-handling skills.

Reaves is a significant asset to any squad because of his athleticism and his capacity to play many positions. American basketball player Austin Reaves represented the Oklahoma Sooners throughout his college career. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall and was born in Arkansas City, Kansas, on May 29, 1998.

Reaves was not selected in the NBA draft of 2021, but the Los Angeles Lakers later offered him a two-way contract that will let him alternate between the NBA and the NBA G League. On October 22, 2021, he played in his first NBA game against the Phoenix Suns, scoring 14 points and grabbing six rebounds.

Who Is Austin Reaves New Girlfriend?

austin reaves new girlfriend

Jenna Barber is Austin Reaves’s Girlfriend As per our latest research. The NBA star and Jenna Barber, 23, became friends while attending Cedar Rodge High School. Later, the two switched their colleges of attendance. In contrast to Austin, who transferred from Oklahoma to Wichita State University to play basketball, Jenna chose to attend the University of Arkansas while choosing a long-distance relationship.

With Jenna residing in Arkansas and Austin in Los Angeles, a long-distance romance does not usually succeed; nevertheless, in this instance, it did not. After posting pictures of herself wearing the No. 15 Lakers jersey and posing with Austin, Jenna was recently seen at one of the Lakers games. She has attended numerous more games in the past.

Currently, the two are enjoying their relationship and are making every effort to make it work. For their relationship to continue, however, both parties must invest equally in their time and importance. After missing his senior year of college, Austin, who went undrafted in 2021, appears to be building a name for himself in the NBA.

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Jenna Barber’s Family Background

austin reaves new girlfriend

Jenna Barber was raised in Arkansas and is originally from there. She is the offspring of Sandra and Brian Barber, both natives of Arkansas. Jordan Barber Wheeler, Jenna’s identical twin sister, wed in 2022. Jordan and her spouse reside in Newark.

Jenna attended Cedar Ridge High School until she graduated, at which point she continued her education at the Arkansas Community College in Batesville. Austin and Jenna started dating in 2014, but they have stayed out of the spotlight. Jenna Barber is frequently spotted at NBA games wearing Austin’s Lakers No. 15.

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What does Austin Reaves Girlfriend, Jenna Barber, do for a living?

austin reaves new girlfriend

Fresh from graduating from the University of Arkansas, Jenna Barber. In December 2022, she received her diploma from the Arkansas Community College in Batesville. Since 2019, Jenna has been employed by a nearby pharmaceutical company in addition to pursuing her studies.

Jenna Barber is an outgoing person, yet nothing is known about her other business endeavors or professional aspirations. As of 2023, her projected net worth is around $100,000.