American Actor, Comedian Aziz Ansari Controversy, Addresses About His Sexual Misconduct Scandal On Stage

Aziz ansari Controversy

In his Netflix special, Aziz Ansari addressed his sexual misconduct scandal.

As he began his new Netflix stand-up special, comedian Aziz Ansari acknowledged the elephant in the room: his 2018 sexual misconduct scandal that mostly drove him out of the limelight,

As part of the #MeToo movement, “Aziz Ansari: Right Now” was made public after the “Master of None” star was accused of misbehavior in a disputed first-person account.

His sold out “Road to Nowhere” tour, when he addressed the consequences from a story on about an ill-advised date. Ansari issued an apology to the public once the article was published.

He preferred to go rapidly, whereas she preferred to travel slowly. She spread the word to everyone. How would you characterize Aziz Ansari?'s Aziz Ansari story, and the controversy around it, explained - Vox

After joking about people mistaking him for Indian American comedian Hasan Minhaj, the host of Netflix’s “Patriot Act,” the Indian American comic spoke in hushed tones about the sexual misconduct crisis. The apology he delivered was the same one he gave during his 75-city tour last year.

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What he said is as follows:

That whole issue has been kept under wraps, but I’ve brought it up because you’re all here, and that means a lot to me. As for my thoughts on the matter, I’m sure some of you are curious. There have been so many different feelings in the previous year or so that it’s difficult for me to answer.

At times, I’ve been apprehensive. The humiliation has been there at times. I’ve been embarrassed a few times. Finally, I just felt sorry for the individual who felt this way.. I simply hope that was a step forward after a year or two.

Aziz Ansari responds to sexual misconduct allegations against him - Vox

It pushed things forward for me and prompted me to reflect on a wide range of issues. I’d like to think that I’ve improved as a person. And I’m reminded of a comment I once heard from a friend who said, ‘You know what, man? That made me think of every date I’ve ever had.’ After that, my reaction was, ‘Wow. What a fantastic story. It’s improved the thoughtfulness of others as well as my own, and that’s a wonderful thing.’ Those are my thoughts, too.

Later, once he’s perked up and gone up many octaves, he goes on:

“And I’m aware that this isn’t the best way to start a comedy show. ” Before we spend the night together, it’s crucial to me that you know how I feel about that whole issue.

Before he left the “tough” part of the concert, the 36-year-old was greeted with cheers and acclaim.

Oscar-winning director Spike Jonze helmed the special, which was shot at the Brooklyn Academy of Music earlier this year during a tour stop. Other topics covered in the book include sexism, racism and “fake woke,” as well as topics like his new fiancée and his parents’ Alzheimer’s condition, as well as a search for problematic tweets and other stuff.

As a follow-up to that point, he focused on Michael Jackson and R. Kelly, both of whom had fallen from grace following the #MeToo movement.

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Leaving Neverland and Surviving R. Kelly have left a lasting impression on the Emmy Award-winning comedian, who made light of the situation by acknowledging work he previously performed on Kelly. That eventually led to a Netflix segment about disgraced entertainers’ tense ties with their followers.

Aziz Ansari Accused of Sexual Misconduct | The Mary Sue

As far as some people are concerned, he’s still one of them.

The concert ended with Ansari launching into another quiet monologue, this time thanking the crowd for their support.

It was great seeing all of you tonight. That’s my sincere intention. ‘You know, I’m so thankful you came,’ I said. You see, I’ve done a lot of shows over the course of my career. At the conclusion of each performance, I’d say, ‘Goodbye. “Thank you very much!” However, the truth is that I didn’t mean it at all. …

“I didn’t show enough gratitude. I hadn’t given much thought to what it means that all of you have come out to say hello. But now that you’re all here, it hits me a little harder than before. This whole experience has made me ponder what it means to all of us who came here to watch me speak into a microphone for roughly an hour or so.

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Seeing a world where I won’t get to do this again means the world to me.” It was as if I had died. Which I suppose is true. There is no more Aziz. However, I must admit that I am relieved… I no longer believe that way since I’ve come to recognize that everything is fleeting. All of that can be erased with the snap of a finger. Also, the only thing that matters is the present moment and the people we’re with right now.

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