After 60 Seasons and 21 Years, “Bachelor” Creator Mike Fleiss Is Departing the Franchise

Without him, the franchise will “keep this lightning in a bottle bold and going ahead,” the showrunner claimed in a statement. Mike Fleiss, who created The Bachelor, has taken the last rose.

Fleiss, 58, will be departing the series after the conclusion of Monday’s 27th season of The Bachelor, which saw Zach Shallcross propose to Kaity Biggar. Fleiss will be replaced by the show’s Canadian star Claire Freeland and its American producers Jason Ehrlich and Bennett Graebner.

“First and foremost, Zach and Kaity deserve our congrats. I hope they have a long and fulfilling relationship “According to Fleiss’ comment. “I would want to thank WBTV and ABC for 21 very remarkable years.

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For me to trust The Bachelor franchise and keep this lightning in a bottle bright and going ahead, they’ve found the ideal creative team. Let’s keep traveling.”

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Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Leaving the Franchise After 21 Years

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were both first broadcast by Fleiss in 2002. In addition, he produced Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor Winter Games, Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, and The Bachelor: The Best Seasons – Ever! for a combined 60 seasons throughout the series.

Making reality TV has grown simpler over the year, according to Fleiss, who also stated in a 2009 interview with Forbes that “the risk is that viewers will become desensitized to even the strangest personalities and situations.” According to Fleiss, “you always seek someone who is good-looking” while casting for The Bachelor.

Next, he said, “someone who isn’t scared to express their views.” “You’re really searching for that raw quality because if someone is attempting to make it themselves, it’s no longer a reality TV show. It’s not enjoyable since the participants are writing a poor screenplay for the program.”

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Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Leaving the Franchise After 21 Years

Fleiss cited one of the factors that contributed to the franchise’s underwhelming reception in this regard. In 2016, he said to, “If 90% of the individuals who want to be on the program are white, well, that makes it tough for us.” But it’s a significant matter for us.

In the near future, he predicted, “you’ll see a non-white lead in the show.

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” He added, “I think we’ve done better lately and we’re going to continue to try to make improvements.”

When Rachel Lindsay presented roses on The Bachelorette season 13 the following year, she made history as the first Black lead in the program. The Bachelor’s first Black lead, Matt James, debuted in 2021.