Baki Season 4: Potential Release Date & Latest Updates For 2021

As you already know, the last three episodes of the Baki series anime were blockbusters. So, here I am going to discuss the upcoming season that is Baki season four. As you can see from this site (link), it will be a continuation of the first arc in an epic new way. Baki Season 4 comes with a famous quote by Baki stating “I am not second in the world”.

In the English-speaking world, it was recently revealed that Baki season 3 will premiere on Netflix. In Japan, viewers eagerly anticipate Baki season 4.

Thanks to the excellent designs, fantastic character development, and historic battles Baki quickly became one of Netflix’s most successful original anime series.

Season 4 of Baki the Grappler was released at the beginning of June, but the dubbed version in English has only just been made available.

The next season of Baki is eagerly awaited and fans are wondering how long they have to wait for the sequel.

Baki Season 4 Renewal Status

If you are a fan of the Baki series then here is some good news for you. A fourth installment is coming up soon!

Netflix has been delivering two-cour seasons of the Baki anime series (dividing a full 26-episode season into two half) at this time. All the steps we lead towards the fourth installment, and we can expect it soon.

We can happily say that Baki has a receptive viewership on the Netflix platform and we are excited to see what they have in store.

Please use proper English capitalization for sentences – first letter of each word should be capitalized unless it begins with a number or punctuation mark, then it should not be. If we look at the success of seasons one through three, then the fourth will come.

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Release Date of Baki Season 4

There is no official confirmation from the team, but it seems like they are going to air in Japan first and stream internationally on Netflix.

Do you have any feedback? As a viewer, we can expect the release of season 4 in 2021.

The pandemic greatly delayed the dubbing of this season’s episodes, from the expected release time. The next season of the show is going to bring a lot more action and interesting storylines.

The Plot of Baki Season 4

The Baki season 4 will start from the end of the third, and is expected to explore The Great Raitai Tournament Saga. It’s one of the biggest action anime series.

Meanwhile, the fifth death in a row compelled Ryuukou Yanagi to escape from prison. Upon her return from the dead in Season 3, she escaped again following their time together.

The spectating baki fans may see a new side of their favorite fighter come forth from the past or they could just be watching as Yujiro continues to defeat Baki.

We are all eager to find out what is next for the characters in Season 4.

I assure you that the show will be full of adventures and action like never before.


There is currently no trailer available for season 4, though there will be once it airs. So far we cannot evaluate its success, but if the series runs in full then you’ll see trailers on steam as well as youtube

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IMDB Ratings

Due to mixed responses from viewers, the season doesn’t get a good ratings and just makes it 6.7 out of 10—but that is enough for them to make another sequel. To entice more viewers, fans are excited about seeing what’s next in Baki.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Baki season should I watch first?

The new season of Bakin is the fourth installment. But this time has no relation with the events of 2001, so you don’t need to watch it if you’re looking for a good old baki series.

Is Baki Season 3 complete?

Baki Season 4 will consist of episodes based on the second saga in the manga series, and no air date has been announced.

How does Baki fare against Ali Junior?

Baki defeats the son of the famous boxer, Muhammad Ali – and even he doesn’t give a chance to hit a single punch.

He wins in dominant fashion.

Baki has an argument with his father.

The protagonist of the series wants to be the strongest man in the earth and for that he needs to defeat his father (Yujiro) and take revenge on Yujiro’s mother

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Final Verdict

It is one of the most popular anime series on Netflix. The action and various characters present in this film make it worth watching. It was dubbed in English by a Japanese company. Season 4 will be released on Netflix shortly and I am sure you are going to love it. This is an anime series that the latest season will release in Japanese, then subsequently other languages. For any updates on Baki season 4, contact us. Additionally, if you have any questions about the new series, comment below.

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