Barbie Ferreira Controversy: Sam Levinson and Barbie Ferreira’s Supposed Feud and Other Controversies on The Set!

Barbie Ferreira made it known that she was quitting the popular HBO series Euphoria via Instagram.

“I’m having to say a very emotional goodbye after getting to play the most unique and intriguing character, kat, for four years. I’m hoping that many of you identified with her as I did and found satisfaction in watching her develop into the person she is now. I wanted you all to know how much care and love I had for her. I cherish you, Catherine Hernandez

Despite the fact that Ferreira’s departure is not entirely unexpected given the long-rumored conflict with the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, and Kat’s pitiful excuse for a plot in the second season, viewers seem to be saying their goodbyes even more visibly.

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One user said, “Sam Levinson slept on Barbie Ferreira’s talent and he’ll 100% regret it when she becomes a great success.”

Another wrote, “I’m sorry, but Barbie Ferreira deserved more. Kat is one of the best characters in Euphoria.

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barbie ferreira controversy

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In a notable interview with The Cut shortly after the second season’s debut, Ferreira said that her character is “secretly going through a lot of existential crises” and that the audience is more “mystified” by her trajectory than the rest of the cast.

Since the show’s debut in 2019, fans have hailed Kat as a beacon of body positivity and nuanced representation of women coming of age, so it was unfortunate that this explanation seemed to be code for a virtually nonexistent plotline.

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Despite the fact that, aside from a not-so-little rumor that accuses her of being a madam in an international sex ring, Sanela Diana Jenkins is arguably the most boring new addition to the franchise since Lucy Lucy Apple Juicey, the outrageously wealthy, lip-licking super-villain of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she has been involved in numerous scuffles.

barbie ferreira controversy

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The teenage son of Jenkins’ co-star and fan favorite, Garcelle Beauvais, has been relentlessly harassed and threatened in a targeted bot campaign similar to that of Amber Heard. In an ill-advised attempt to divert attention from this, she has gotten herself embroiled in controversy after controversy, many of which are laughable.

You Probably Aren’t Aware of The Tension Between Beauvais and Jenkins

If you’re not a regular viewer, you probably aren’t aware of the tension between Beauvais and Jenkins, which is big enough to warrant its own storyline and has led to demands for Jenkins’ dismissal for months. Beauvais, the first and only Black full-time cast member of the Beverly Hills series, yelled at Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that Jenkins was “crazy” and “uneducated” following an Instagram argument with a Black content creator and Bravo commentator Kristen “Philly Diva” Dionne. Jenkins then responded on Instagram, boasting that she had donated “many millions” to Beauvais’ native Haiti.

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Jenkins has regularly attacked Beauvais on Instagram, saying: “Life is a long time and I do play a long game. In response to more recent episodes, in which castmate Erika Girardi drunkenly commanded Beauvais’ small son, Jax, to “shut the fuck up,” only to be protected by half of the housewives.

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This is not a person who will easily be bullied, in my opinion. Ever! B%H, game on!

She continued by writing, “Go on trolls,” after accusing Beauvais of being insensitive to her recent miscarriage on the show yet being so well-liked by viewers that she could get away with anything. “Attempt to fail.”

It turns out that the “worst” was a rash of online bullying directed at a child that was so virulent and overtly racist that even Bravo just issued a statement:

“The social remarks made about Garcelle’s son have startled and disgusted us. We kindly request that our viewers and social media followers abstain from using hurtful language when addressing our cast and their families.

The following is an illustration of such offensive language: “You’d have your neck kneeled on if it weren’t for your white daddy, [Michael Nilon]. You’ll have to deal with us if you don’t tell your mom to leave Diana alone, one user commented.

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barbie ferreira controversy

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As if this weren’t already a very troubling situation, the community of Bravo sleuths and commentators have given proof that each of the individual identities was actually a bot. Many of them were reportedly making similar statements in support of Jenkins, Girardi, and another cast member Lisa Rinna, according to The Daily Beast, but no one’s involvement in the campaign has been officially confirmed.

Jenkins remained silent while Beauvais and other cast members denounced the insults up until yesterday night, when she merely reposted a screenshot of Bravo’s statement and, predictably, disabled her comments.